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  1. Luke Reynolds says

    I thought the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony was passable, the closing ceremony woeful and downright embarrassing.
    In between was 10 or so days of fantastic sport and sportsmanship. Loved the integration of the disabled athletes, made for a wonderful point of difference to the Olympics.

    What a player Brodie Grundy has evolved into. His performance against Adelaide was possibly the best performance I’ve ever seen from a Collingwood ruckman. As good as Damian Monkhorst was for us throughout the 1990’s, and Darren Jolly’s fantastic 2010 & 2011 seasons, Grundy is shaping as our best ruck since Len Thompson and Peter Moore (both before my time/memory).

  2. AFL decision to hold grand finals at MCG the most pathetic decision of administrators in any sport. Right up there with the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony.

  3. Cameron Glenn says

    I didn’t watch the Comm Games but after hearing about the closing ceremony, it was a disappointment with how it went.

    New crickets rights are disappointing as some games will be shafted from free to air in the new deal.

    The SANFL had some unbelievable results last week with West and North getting away wins most thought were not possible. How West turned a 138 point thumping into a thrilling come from behind win at Elizabeth is amazing and North to beat Sturt at Unley is a credit to them. Their trainer that died must have hit them to the point that they responded in a very positive way. Two other games not mentioned was the unbelievable thrilling draw at Alberton between Port and Eagles. How on earth one can not score a goal until halfway through the last term and not lose is a surprise. South’s win over the Crows was the only game that went the way most expected.

    The AFL also surprises. The Crows were shocking but Collingwood were outstanding. Underdogs can win and it is a great thing to have. I am happy for the Grand Final to stay at the MCG but believe that it must be more about the fans who go during the season and not the corporates who probably don’t care who plays or wins. The NRL GF is always in Sydney but at least access is easier. Can support any club and still gain access to it regardless of competing teams and the cheapest tickets are affordable for a national sporting grand final.

  4. Martin Rumsby says

    I’m glad you mentioned one of the positives of the Commonwealth Games, Malcolm. As someone who attended the games I can assure that the general organisation was superb and well done to the committee and the huge team of volunteers. I rarely watch opening and closing ceremonies – I am there to watch the athletes perform. The opening and closing ceremonies are “on a hiding to nothing” because you are never going to please everyone. It is a shame that some will remember the games for the shambles of the closing ceremony rather than the preceding days that were excellent.

    A week is a long time in footy and the Crows went a long way to restoring their reputation with their gutsy effort against Sydney. At the SANFL level, the Redlegs seem to be destined for a difficult season, whilst North Adelaide look to be a genuine contender at this stage.

  5. Jill Tathra says

    I thought I`d commented on this one. I didn`t watch the opening or closing ceremony but what I saw on the news shows I didn`t miss a lot. Even though I didn`t see the closing I think it was very wrong that they didn`t show the athletes coming into the field so everyone can thank ALL.

    As for AFL why can`t the Crows play well every week instead of good bad good matches. Yes we have a lot of injuries but strange as it seems we do better when the “stars” are out.

    As for the 7 and 9 changing of sports they have both had for some time so long as they show the different matches on free to air TV so all can watch things as we have. Yes I have Pay TV but not everyone does.

    I have always called the AFL the glorified VFL. I mean they play the same 2 teams every ANZAC Day, why not the previous grand final teams. Why 4 points for a win why not 2 for a win like the SANFL then there are the trophies, all VFL so they should be used in the VFL which is still in existence and have other names for the different ones. It will never happen I know but if they want a genuine AFL they have to do something to make it separate from the VFL.

    One last thing were are the SANFL telecasts? So 7 had the Comm Games but they also have a couple of other channels so surely we can see a SANFL game every week. Where are the young players going to come from because the way its going it will be the SANFL that will close down. Im old enough to remember the days when all radio station broadcast an SANFL game and 2 7 and 9 all telecast one as well. We also had large crowds and the atmosphere was great. SANFL is a sad and sorry affair now.

  6. Jeff Milton says

    Big money and performance bonuses to senior sports officials for TV rights threatens the culture and grass roots traditions of all major sports in this country. Can only protest by spending more time watching and playing in live local sport and less time in front of the TV, whatever your sport may be.
    Locking away the AFL GF into Melbourne for such a long period of time is an appalling decision that further reduces the chances of most Australians getting to see a Grand Final live. Not to mention increasing the bias in favour of the 9 Melbourne based teams winning. Will make future wins by non-Victorian teams all the more sweet (Maybe even if it is Port (then maybe not!!))
    Disappointing start by Norwood but still a long way to go in the season.
    Jill you forgot to mention live telecasts of SANFL reserves games back in the day.

  7. Very happy I avoided the opening and closing ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games, sounded like it was absolutely terrible. Overall enjoyed the Games though.

    Powell-Pepper’s suspension is very soft, and very true about if he was a fringe player it would’ve been a way harsher suspension. It doesn’t help deter other good players from doing the exact same thing in the future, because if they know they’re a regular in the 22-man squad, then they’re only going to miss one game.

  8. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies were proof that some people shouldn’t muck about with art. Terrible.

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