Raving Rulebook 16

Raving Rulebook has plenty to rave about this week as he gives his take on the ball tampering scandal and the state of cricket:




  1. The ball tampering saga “makes Essendon look smart” – spot on.

    Holding the ball on Thursday was a joke.

    Good work RB.

  2. Great work Rulebook. I can’t get over how callous Warner, Bancroft and Smith can be upon considering all of the factors involved. I also agree that the umpires were overzealous with the holding the ball decision last weekend. However, AFL umpires are like weathervanes and will probably do the opposite this weekend! Let’s hope the Crows and the 36ers will give the city plenty to happy about over the Easter break!

  3. Dave Brown says

    Look at those beautiful new seats!

  4. Love the production values of your Rant RB. The pix and the music are very classy. As are your opinions. I wouldn’t be so hard on the AFL stuff. I thought the Round 1 standard of open, running footy was as good as I can remember. Across all games. Paying less “holding the ball” and more “in the back” would create as many problems as it solves. Just shift the onus from possessor to tackler. Players know they have to move it on, and can’t just go to ground with the ball. As long as they have some opportunity to dispose and didn’t take the first option, I don’t mind possessors being pinged. I can’t remember one outrageous ‘holding the ball’ decision in Perth on Sunday night.
    May footy be the winner.
    Sheesh – now I hear it was sandpaper. DUMB, DUMBER AND DUMBEST. I now agree with you that Boof didn’t know the detail of their plans, as he is not that stupid. Greedy, ruthless yes. Stupid no.

  5. Byron Bartlett says

    didnt care about the htb the worst thing on thursday nite was the 50 meter penalties for running horizontal to the mark.

    I think the cricket has already been said. I saw it live and wondered why the commentators went silent – obviously didnt want to comment until they had confirmed it. Went to bed at the lunch break not quite realising that everyone saw what i a saw and then hell opened up the next day. The beauty is now i have to explain reverse to a nine year old girl who has no interest in cricket. Harsh penalty though i would have gone for tests up till Christmas myself. Highlights how the ICC dont think it is a big issue – Bancroft could have played this game if not for Cricket Australia – shows how India dont believe corruption is an issue.

    Brings you own ethics into question as well. I would never claim a catch that bounced in Cricket but happy to claim the mark in Football. Why – I guess because you are not ruining another blokes enjoyment of the game in football but you are in Cricket.
    I see it creeping in Cricket to not believe the fieldsman and not walk when the fielder says they have caught it, didnt happen 15 years ago.

  6. Luke Reynolds says

    Like you mate, absolutely stunned and so disappointed. Such a waste that the incredible talents of Smith and Warner won’t be in Australian colours for at least 12 months.
    On the flip side, the Tim Paine story is incredible. Thought your man Alex Carey would take over as ODI keeper, think that will be delayed for a while now.

  7. Matt Zurbo says

    Mate, production values! Haha, sensational! Funny, and spot on. And surprisingly accurate with events that happened since.

    “STUPID!” Love it!

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