Raving Rulebook 15

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  1. Another great rave.

    Not sure about Rabada decision. Were there more people at the South Africa test or the Redbacks last Shield game?

    Love your passion for SANFL but why does the AFL care if it exists or not? Will it mean as much if there is no Port? In order to have a hero you need a villain.

    Bake of the week – holding the ball decision in Richmond v Carlton game. Putrid umpiring.

    Loved the formal trackies.

  2. Steve smith said the Rabada contact was significantly harder than it looked. “Whatever”
    The rules are clear, it’s baffling to me why the decision to suspend was overturned.
    Just get on with the game!
    5 VFL teams not directly affiliated with AFL teams will join the SANFL if the current AFL teams playing in the VFL comp spin off.

    Good luck to the Wanderers CC lads this Saturday in the GF.

    Good stuff Mal

  3. I’m with you all the way on the Rabada decision, RB.
    There are plenty of peanuts who do not understand that his suspension was for an accumulation of incidents, and this was just the latest.

    I am concerned about what is going to become of the VFL – it is already a quasi-AFL 2nds comp.

  4. Loved that Talking Heads got a run on your latest video, Rulebook!

    I was surprised that Rabada got off completely; I had anticipated that he would still be asked to sit out the Third Test taking all factors into consideration.

    I liked the Sixers mention and the Redbacks capitulation is truly disappointing. It would be remiss not to mention the Katie Brennan incident. The AFL decided to issue a suspension to her because the respective $3000-$5000 suspension for male players found guilty of a dangerous tackle would be too steep. Taking this into account, why couldn’t Katie Brennan be fined, say $500 and be allowed to play in tomorrow’s Grand Final!

    Looking forward to the next Raving Rulebook!

  5. Martin Rumsby says

    To say the least, a bit has happened in the cricketing world since you have posted, Rulebook! The South African series has unfortunately highlighted some of the things that are wrong in international cricket. Like you, I was very disappointed with the Rabada decision being completely overturned. I could have accepted a two down to one outcome, but there we are. I expect the ball tampering incident goes a lot deeper than we have been told so far and I expect this will be the subject of your next post, so I’ll leave my comment until that time. I am looking forward to the SANFL starting, but am having difficult in getting excited about it yet. Perhaps the combination of AFLW, AFLX, JLT games, SANFL women’s comp has diluted my anticipation of seeing the Redlegs start the 2018 season.

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