Crio’s Racing: Autumn Whispers

Fear not, patient punters. Better races are just over the horizon.

The trap is to always deduce that black-type equals quality, but the breeders greedily endorse so many pattern races that Listed, G3, occasionally even G2 cannot be in itself a guarantee of class. Prizemoney, too, as we saw at the gluttonous Gold Coast, can be hatched and dispatched in a variety of ways, not always commensurate with the event’s true measure. Neither, any more, can we just cast our eyes to the Quaddy legs, assuming that’s where the good ‘uns will be. Betting agencies insist on putting the largest fields on late in the day, believing it generates turnover. So be it.

You need to dig a bit deeper then, to find the treasure.

The best horses and the most important clashes on this week’s calendar take place at Randwick tomorrow (Thursday) morning – the trials.

Look for example, at Trial 3 – Catkins and Shooting To Win are amongst a star 1500m line up.

These trials demand attention from anyone hoping to put hard earned in to the Autumn… they are shown online and replayed on TVN. I’ll be interested to watch Cauthen, which steps out for John Sargent against a pretty good mob in Trial 10.

Saturday’s fields are again incrementally better than last week’s, with Flemington hosting the Chester Manifold Stakes (1400m, Hcp, Listed). Often rightly maligned to anyone who tries to give it a profile, the 2015 edition is interesting, even and likely to be a good betting race. Red Excitement comes down for G.A.Ryan and will be right in the betting. Dany The Fox might be worth putting in exotics at 25/1. Plenty of chances.

Even Sydney’s card has some interesting inclusions, although it’s instructive that there’s a Ranvet Handicap to be staged – a far cry from the Ranvet Stakes which has G1 Rosehill status in a couple of months. At least Randwick this weekend has some fields with depth, the bugbear of punters confronted by skinny SR options for so long, though few of these will be invited back to the pretentious “Royal” ATC HQ when The Championships are underway. Hopefully the forecast fine weather is a good portent for their Autumn.

Away from the bluebloods plenty of other racing, as ever, offers great options across the country (and the globe). Camperdown (Vic Western Districts) has its Cup Day on Saturday – like many others I’ve seen the beautiful Stand whilst whizzing past to other places and have yet to visit – not this year, but hopefully soon. Ceduna is another club hosting its feature, whilst Woolamai and King Island continue their summer seasons.

I’ll be at Flemington looking for some wisdom (=money!). Until then, any opinions or comments welcomed, as ever, here on the site.

Good luck!


  1. Cobalt Black?

  2. and pink?

  3. Settlement of the TVN/ Sky saga ? Are we any clearer re no longer needing to pay more if we access Sky Racing 2? One of the positions being floated was that TVN would ‘disappear’, with Sky 2 then being accesible, without having to outlay further on it . However there has been scant information on this the last week. So i’m curious if there’s any updates on this topic.


  4. cowshedend says

    Crio, it’s salmon!
    Fair point Pete, sad that the great mare will be tainted by this, guilty or not there will be a perceived asterisk next to her name.

  5. Glen, I don’t understand anything about the TV rights stand-off. On one side you have the Breeders and on the other the corporates…as always, self-iterest will be disguised as “best practice”
    Racing’s got to get on the front foot re this week’s scandal. Repreated negative connotations are bad but wishing them away solves nothing.
    Whatever happened to “Jimmy”?
    Lucky punters don’t line the fence like in the good old days – there’d be some libellous insults directed to “connections” this week. Instead all will be airbrushed.

  6. Cowshedend, there will be no asterisk as you say bout the great mare. She was a star full stop.
    You do know that Churchill smoked cigars and drank loads of whisky which no doubt assisted him as a leader and I actually think that all books and speeches attributed to him will now be asterisked? No, I don’t think so either.

  7. It’s all happening in Racing this week. Ever since Glen had his “footy trip to the races” the news coming out is pretty dismal.
    Still as Crio says “you have to keep the faith” but the issues this week are far from good and need fixing immediately
    I’m on the locals this week in Adelaide. Their form is sound and it’s better than our bowls form
    Strath had a ripper Cup day and the track was in good order. Watch the locals in the Adelaide Carnival as there was a big article on David Jolly in the Tiser this week and he made mention that his horses are aimed at this

  8. G’day Oges; how are you ? What’s the good oil for Adelaide this week ?


  9. David Jolly had a huge write up in the Tiser this week and they followed up today under the heading of Saints as having his team firing
    (under sinners were the headline -cobalt users…)
    I reckon they are e/w (he had 5 in at Strath and they were alll placed) but its a hard day so I will be going lightly
    Dennis OLeary has been about the place too lately and has a couple engaged

  10. Ta Oges. I have the Winning Post at home so i’ll peruse who is running from the D Jolly stable. I’ll also see what the O’Leary stable has to offer. He’s bush trainer, isn’t he? Did he train Methodical Boy around 10 years ago?

    Happy Puinting,


  11. Very keen on Quick Snitzel in the 7th in Adelaide, it’s a race where there should be plenty of pressure up front.
    Boristar looks very hard to beat in the 7th at Flemington and wondering how Reldas will handle the straight in the last. He looks really good at the Valley but maybe a risk down the straight at odds on, particularly from barrier 2.

    I need a pick me up to get through the rest of the work day…..cobalt anyone?

  12. I had some blood tests done over Xmas and went back to the GP for results last night. He said I’m anaemic (seriously) and has referred for tests and a haematologist. Should I have told him that a bit of cobalt could sort out the red blood cells, and asked to see a vet instead?

  13. The vet is more expensive than the doctor.
    My dog costs me more than my racehorse shares.
    A quick google actually shows that Cobalt is basically vitamin b12, so maybe the horses at the specific stables dine out on shellfish or marmite.
    For your anaemia, I prescribe a nice crayfish followed by a cold beer or a classy white, that will sort the problem out….now for your co-payment, Dr Jock doesn’t bulk bill.

  14. Glen -OLeary trains at Cape Jervis and Goolwa and he regularly uses the beach.dont know if he trained the horse mentioned

  15. Gee, I wrote my piece too early this week.
    From a blank page, prompts have been appearing regularly since Wednesday.
    This morning, for example, I went through the roundabout at the top of the Flemington straight – and beheld a big circus tent erected in the racecourse carpark.
    An apparition? No
    A metaphor? Maybe
    Either they’ll be holding inquiries in there or, once again, the VRC have conceded that they’ll be more successful promoting anything other than races.

  16. cowshedend says

    Saw when acceptors came out wed. That Obrien kavanagh and moody came together only in the 6th , the omen of the day was the toppy The Secret, notice it’s come out.

  17. still quiet at work?
    I also saw a dishlicker, Black Cobalt, front at Bendigo this evening. Pub cheered it home.

    Is Lord Of The Sky finally backable at the 11.5 on BF?

  18. cowshedend says

    On holidays mate, just got back from a ripping lunch at an adjistment property at Mornington, great company, but did cost me a small investment into a Pins filly.
    Have the Baron and Frau Baron for lunch tomorrow, 24’s and 13’s aplenty, give me strength!

  19. Crio,
    Lord of the Sky…no.
    would be going about as fast as me or you at the end of 1400. I like Boristar but barrier 9 a query re position in the run.
    Big query (leaving cobalt aside) is how easy will The New Boy get it in front in the second last, big odds.
    The only other one I’m warming to is Fastcar in Adel Race 5 where there are 3 leaders so it should suit if they run along.

  20. The New Boy is the same cat. Always understand.

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