Crio’s Racing: The family needs to sort out its differences

Racing, of course, never stops but it is fair to say that focus on it tends to vacillate. This weekend there are meetings everywhere – just down here in Victoria there’s Money Valley on Friday night, Flemington, Yea and Wang on Saturday and Cranbourne that night – but, despite it being a truism that a winner is a winner in any race at any time, it is equally true that losing is even less affordable now that at almost any other time of the year.

Thus, it will be a pretty low key weekend before the sports glut which smashes holiday makers in the run up to New Year.

Perhaps, then, this is the best time for TVN and Sky to have their little spat as it is hardly going to cause a ripple and presumably will be resolved before the public is impacted, although rumours of Ch7 involvement is disturbing and significant The broadcast battle is another indication of the disjointed nature of the industry and the greedy competing interests which seek to profit…I enjoy TVN so will “watch with interest”.

Racing can’t afford to get bogged down in internal divisions because, Cup week aside, it is on the nose. Crowds are terrible. Market share is declining. They’ve not learnt from the trots example and continue to indulge big breeders, wealthy benefactors and, nowadays, corporate bookies – who, of course, are not too worried as their other markets continue to grow…watch sports previews this week as each one includes betting updates on local and International cricket and soccer and myriad other distractions. We’re racing stock in Club crio yet in the next week we’ll watch Tests from here and abroad, ODIs O/S, BBL here, A-League, EPL, surfing, golf, yachting, darts… (luckily no carols!). It’s not as though there’s a captive audience any more.

Having said that, a lack of attention to the punt this week is excusable – but I’ll be at HQ and looking for a Xmas bonus if anyone has some good mail.

In lieu of any “dummy leads” of my own and in the spirit of crappy Xmas media quiz fillers, here’s an old Einstein Factor Q&A for your indulgence

Posts inspired by that or even a copycat Quiz on a racing theme of choice are encouraged – or, as usual, anything else related to our frustrating yet beloved world of racing.

Good luck!


  1. David Payne gave a huge push for ‘It’s a Silver Trail’ in Sydney tomorrow.
    Crio, the ‘no vision’ in pubtabs etc, will bring blokes like Pappslotto back to the business, how many times did he and others make contests of races when there was none, only to go through the margins in the paper the next day and see it was 2 1/2 lengths.

  2. evening nowadays, in Adelaide, the ultraconsistent Not Sure seems to get 3rd placing from Terry McAuliffe in many races….

  3. Blackmore used to have ‘Not Sure’ running against “ooooh Dunno”

  4. Paddy O'Peace says

    All top callers. Bert Bryant wasn’t bad either. Remember the SSW sweepstakes.
    Also George Hanlon: ‘Horses are only human’. Good Punting.

  5. I reckon as its the end of the year Crio you should give out awards for
    Sledge of the Year
    Quote of the year
    and any other suitable category
    There have been some hilarious moments on your site and I am sure that in between winners and losers it has been a lot of fun with some knowledgeable punters keeping me interested every week

  6. Yours truly wandered down Nicholson street last night, into my regular watering hole, only to see a prominent sign indicating i couldn’t watch a race in either Vic or NSW. Though we were down to the final race(s) of the day, one was a tad peeved. Not happy Jan !!!

    We must remember that racing is not a sport, it is part of the burgeoning entetainment industry, and as such its driver is the almighty $$; what else. As punters ours is not to reason why, ours is but to wager and ….????

    We’lll be on track in Yea tomorrow and we were looking forward to watching/betting on races from Flemington, Albury and Wangaratta. But if we can’t see them, then our focus is soley on who runs @ Yea.

    Let’s see how it pans out. Happy Punting,


  7. Enjoy Yea…you’ll not be missing anything elsewhere

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