Quintessential country football

NEFL Grand Final


Quintessential country football

Cars in the background – the rolling hills of the Clare Valley

Sheep in the distance

And two teams in September action – fighting for Grand Final glory


  1. Andrew Starkie says

    real footy

  2. Great images Peter. Did the Eagles win??? I am in desperate need. Crazy Horse Gorman, Sitting Bull Everett and the rest of the Dockers tribe have me surrounded. I am down to my last few rounds.
    May as well drink up.

  3. Correct: Chap going for the ball has a mullet.
    Incorrect: Cars need to be facing the oval.

  4. mickey randall says

    Peter- Great photo. Currently living in Singapore something I miss is the Saturday in early September when the ABC broadcasts an SA country footy grand final. I love catching bits of that driving about on a spring afternoon. A couple years ago it was Tanunda winning the B,L&G flag in kicking a colossal number of behinds. I also recollect a Riverland match in recent years. Which league got the nod this year?

  5. Good point MR. I particularly miss Harms and Daffey’s amazing ‘around the grounds’ that they used to do from country finals around Australia. I did not know either man at the time, but they stuck in my mind and transported me back to my own adolescence. Magical.
    Now we have Drew, Josh etc etc interminably dragging over the entrails of the AFL season. ENOUGH.
    I have grown to love Macca on a Sunday Morning despite his sometimes narrow world view, because the people that he interviews and who ring in, are endlessly interesting.
    I want my 43 cents worth. Can the AFL trivia – one or 2 hours of “Inquisition” is more than enough.
    The ABC should be like the Almanac – letting Australia talk to Australia – not the bland leading the blind.

  6. Mark Duffett says

    and the umpire in white, as he should be!

    Sorry to see RSMU didn’t make it to the last game in September, how close were they?

    Heard a fair bit of Daffey & co. taking finals scores & reports from around the country on the weekend, so they’re still doing the thing to some extent (and I think they said they’ll be doing it again this weekend). Loved it.

  7. Good to hear about Daff and the country finals. The ABC in Perth crossed to the WAFL at 2 our time on Sunday, so that may have been when the show started.
    Thanks for sharing the good news.

  8. Andrew Weiss says

    Mickey Randall,

    The ABC broadcast the Hills Central Grand Final last weekend between Mt Barker and Uraidla. As usual Peter Walsh, Rod Jameson and the rest of the crew were absolute professional and treated the calling of the game as if it were the AFL Grand Final. They interviewed both coaches and presidents before the game as well as volunteers from the Lobethal football club. A. Tucker had his roving mike walking around amongst the crowd getting a real feel for the game. Well done ABC for highlighting country footy.

  9. mickey randall says

    Thanks Andrew. It’s a highlight of the footy calendar. Hopefully it is not a budget cut victim of the new regime!

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