Round 4 – Brisbane v Gold Coast: Q Clash 11 – Battle of the Titans ( Just before half time)

Lions v Suns

Saturday 16th April 2016

Q Clash 11- Clash of the Titans (just before half time).

The day dawned bright and the Crew could only talk about one man. G Ablett. This would be his first Q clash at the Gabba and we were looking so forward to seeing him play. We have long admired him. I pondered on the state of the Lions when all we could think of is the opposition’s best player. The female member of the crew (Fiona my wife) was most excited to see him.

I’d arranged to meet fellow almanacker and all round good guy Bill Ellis for a beverage at my favourite watering hole, The Norman. In he strode with his Bulldogs polo on looking like the cat who’d found the cream. He was following an exciting team full of promise and hope and here we were with one lousy win between the three teams we follow. The Pies (Me), the Blues (Stu) and the Lions (Fi). That was a last gasp win on the last kick. I was so depressed about the pies I was going to miss the Anzac Day clash and have a Game of Thrones party. It will be the first Anzac day I will miss but one N Buckley is making me hate football. (That’s another story altogether, so stay tuned). Bill was pumped about his Dogs and we were glum. The only bright side was Fi’s favourite pink Moscato was now on tap. Little did we know we would be celebrating a famous victory in a few hours and Bill would be worried about the Dogs rising injury toll.

After a few beverages and a short walk to the ground, we collected our members hats and found our seats. It’s always amusing watching the cheer squad disassemble “Brion “. That keeps us amused as we hate watching the Lions warm up by missing easy goals and not hitting targets.

All our favourites are there, the oldies who love it when we kick long. They would still like the place kick I’m sure. The Vodka lady has also arrived. She is a favourite of ours, she wears a Vossy jumper with number 3 and signatures of old players cover the front. She is not known by anything else but Vodka lady as she consumes copious amounts of Vodka and is the best cheerer in the crowd. The volume of cheering increases in direct proportion to the vodka. Today she is drinking white wine, we are totally confused.

In our section we have a great view of the WAGS and the young reserve players. I always marvel at the hairdos and dress sense, they are fully coiffured and dressed in their finest with only the best beauty products. And so are the WAGS. Seriously, I don’t know who uses the most product.

The game starts as usual, the Lions are competitive in the first quarter and give hope. Today they can’t kick straight, 3 goals 12 or something horrible, but at least they are giving it a go. The suns have Lynch up forward and Sauce is battling, it looks ominous.

Just before half time the tide changes and our only big Stefan, one of our favourites renowned for his hairdo and use of product is poleaxed just before half time. The crowd erupts, I’m getting excited, Stu jumps up. It’s a vintage blue we yell, we haven’t seen a good one since the 80’s were we used to frequent Princess Park and Victoria Park and see grown men fight over space near the bar.

Mitch Robinson and Tom Bell (Kouta is his nickname from my wife, who remembers him fondly from Dancing with the Stars, not his deeds in 1999 for the Blues) rush in. We love Robbo, he ran from 100 metres away. (In fact it’s the best the team have run and spread for the season.)

Half time rang and to see Sauce coming of the ground gesturing to the crowd was a sight to behold. We couldn’t wait for the second half. The penalties ranged from 3 weeks (Stu ) to life ( Fi ), I was sure it was 6.( I have been watching AFL 360 for the last 10 years so Gerald has given me a good grasp of the MRP ). The oldies were foaming at the mouth, Vodka Lady couldn’t stop screaming and we strapped ourselves in and waited.

The second half was amazing, 2 maybe 3 Lions for every Suns player crashed into packs. The crowd was amazing, haven’t heard a noise like this since the glory days. Sauce, Robbo , Kouta and Handley were amazing. Zorko , Taylor and Green were quick. Bewick put his body on the line, Walker was fantastic in the ruck and Andrews was unstoppable in defence. We still couldn’t kick straight but it was exhilarating to watch. It was the best game since the Geelong comeback.

The crew went home happy after roaring the song about 20 times and we play an injury ravelled Dogs this Saturday. Hope Bill has still got his shirt.

Brisbane Lions 14.23.107 defeated Gold Coast Suns 14.10.94




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