Previously on AFL: a quick summary of what’s happening just at the minute

Wow, isn’t there a lot going on. So many footy shows, experts, commentators, articles, talk back, and opinions. It’s easy to get lost.


So, for those of you playing at home, or for those who’ve just joined us, here are 15 overlooked, relevant, deep, insightful and (I hope) helpful observations about the football season at present (as they haven’t really been referred to or mentioned very much.)


It appears to be quite an even season. Many people feel that there probably hasn’t been a season as even as this for some time.


There is quite a bit of uncertainty as to who is the clear favourite to win the flag. In fact, there’s possibly more uncertainty about who could even make the finals. At present, there are quite a few teams with a chance to be part of the finals. We probably won’t know for some time.


There seems to be some debate brewing about whether Mr Buckley will continue to coach his team in 2018, as many feel his results haven’t been as good as hoped.


Quite a few games this year have been decided by close margins.


The year Luke Hodge was recruited was also a year in which a surprisingly large number of other very talented players were recruited too.


Umpires occasionally make errors, or at least there are decisions on the field that some supporters feel that did not warrant a free kick against the team they support.


There are some players who could very well be offered significant sums of money and increases in their pay to play for different clubs next year.


Mr. Franklin’s name isn’t actually Buddy, but that’s what everyone calls him.


Some sides are doing better than people expected this year, whilst some aren’t doing as well as many thought they would when they were asked at the start of the year.


Eddie Betts kicks a number of excellent goals from places on the ground where it wouldn’t be immediately evident that a shot at goal was either possible, or if was to happen, had a high chance of success.


The head is sacrosanct*


Jeremy Howe is extremely good and quite consistent at taking many fine marks by jumping higher in the air than those around him.


Sometimes, it’s hard to see consistency in the decisions that are made in relation to the suspension of players for illegal acts.


Football today is played quite differently to how it was played in the past. Some people enjoy that, although equally, some people would prefer things the way they were in past years.


Young Silvagni’s dad, who he bears quite a resemblance to, also played a lot of football, coincidentally for the same club. He has a mother who has appeared on television in the past, and is often filmed at his games whilst watching him.


There are some very important games being played this weekend. Depending on who wins or loses, several positions on the ladder may change.


*which interestingly, in addition to meaning untouchable, also means holy or revered.


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  1. Punx Peter says

    Bone dry, Big Toe. Which is just the way we love ya. Great to have you hammering out a piece again.

    PS fave line ….

    “Some sides are doing better than people expected this year, whilst some aren’t doing as well as many thought they would when they were asked at the start of the year.” *So* anti-establishment!

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