Port is a mess

Round Six

Port is a mess

In a crunch game, Richmond fought for their season
and Port limped along, as if they had all the time
in the world to reassemble their parcel. Michelangelo
Rucci, chief footy writer for the ’Tiser, and an avowed

Port fan, lost his cool. Matty Primus should do
the decent thing for his club and walk, he wrote.
The Eastern seaboard thought Rucci was nuts.
That, after only six rounds, he was crazy to call

for a coach’s head. They said he was overreacting,
that he was inventing, that he had lost the plot.
The opposite is true. If Port have a succession
of thrashings for the rest of this year, their fans

and sponsorship will dissolve. 2013 will be a
disaster. The shift to the $600 million arena
in 2014, a refurbished Adelaide Oval, will start
in tatters. The Club has lost its way. Matty is not

its answer. He’s not the man for this hour.
Or so Rucci says.



  1. Primus always struck me as an odd appointment. Just seemed to be the classic caretaker coach who won a few late games. How is that a preparation for coaching? Did footy people learn nothing from the coaching appointment of Jeff Gieshan on the back of some late wins? Massive blunder by Port in my opinion

  2. It’s an apt heading really, Port is a mess which is surprising given the SANFL incarnation from which the Power germinated, and the success the AFL entity quickly enjoyed. It’s really hard to correlate how the club has got to this point.

    Hopefully the Adelaide Oval is the city-change the club needs, the game played there last year certainly had an atmosphere and feeling that is sadly lacking at AAMI Stadium, particularly when you have bays of seats covered with desperate sponsorship tarpolins. he has a

    As for the coach, well, the question to ask is would anyone else do better with the list he has at his disposal?

  3. No, Jeff. I think you are correct. Matty isn’t the problem. The skinny squad is the problem. And this is a bad era for improvement through the draft with GWS and GC preferences still to come in the next two years

    Matty has more assistants this year – Shaun Rhen and Tyson Edwards and that should help him. Except the three of them are sticking with this strange policy of screwing with the minds of their seniors and flirting with the hope of their youth. The fans are beside themselves with anxiety. David Rodan has been dropped again, this week, not because of form, but because he is not working hard enough.

    For god’s sake! Make him the permanent sub… bring him on in the second half so that the team can suddenly have the new, strange sensation that they are still in the game. Use an old man in a way that suits him.

    Port will face huge thrashings later in the season and Matty will have to go if the Club wants to retain any hope of retaining its season-ticket-holders and its sponsors. It’s the old adage. When you can’t change the team overnight, you do the only thing left. Change the coach and start to pray.

  4. Richard Naco says

    Apologies if this is adding salt to the wound, but with my being an ex-Croweater and all, I actually managed to catch up with The CHAD!, Joffa Giles, Broges and Mr Mark Williams at our post game function after sunset last Saturday.

    I thought that Power fans might like to know that they’re all extremely happy here at GWS. We love them!

    Thanks for letting us have them.

  5. And which wound would that salt be added to?

    Port management screwed with Chad’s mind last year and nearly everybody, including Port fans, would be happy that he has found a way to extend his career with the sort of dignity that he is now showing..

    Mark and Port lost their mutual understanding. Mark lost his way with the players and the board. Mark is a footy hero and everybody must be pleased that he is continuing his career in the way that he wants.

    No wound. No salt. Good luck to them and they are not even my team!

    GWS is a happy Port footy story.

    AND!!?? Will GWS beat Port in Round 19? That will be a hoot. The pity is that we have to wait so long and that it only happen once this season.

  6. Pamela Sherpa says

    Sage advice John – ‘Use an old man in the way that suits him’ Unfortunate times for Port.

    As Richard mentioned, someone’s loss is another’ s gain. GWS have chosen their oldies well. As well as the Port crew Luke Power has been fantastic.

  7. Skip of Skipton says

    Port at home to North? That’s an Eight Tarpaulin match!

  8. Skips wins the lollies for best call of the week

  9. Mark Doyle says

    The current predicament of Port Adelaide is the result of nothing more than their own poor management over the past 7 or 8 years since the retirements of Greg Boulton and Brian Cunningham. Other clubs such as Melbourne and Brisbane are in a similar predicament because of poor management. These clubs need to look at the examples of clubs such as Geelong, Sydney, West Coast, Collingwood, Carlton, Essendon and Hawthorn who have all become successful by improving their club management after periods of poor management.

  10. The Chad Cornes situation last year was absurd.
    No-one can tell me that he was not good enough
    to get a game with that outfit. His reasonable
    performances for GWS this season would bear
    that out. Terrible decision by Primus.

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