Poetry: The Earth’s Been Cooling


The Earth’s Been Cooling

Winter comes in rolling mountains of black

that fill the sky.

They tower and push, circling the ridge coop

I’m cutting wood on,


before opening on dusk.

Everything’s water as I wind down

from the mountains,

a violent, dark, wet smudge –

save for the sharp edge

of cold lightning

striking every few minutes,

close enough for me to believe

I’m in God’s backyard.


My ute cuts into the valley,

the ridge will be sludgy snow by now.

We push through more lightning and water,

the dog in the cabin, not the tray,

safe on my training gear.


Half the team will stay at home, but fuck `em.

The only hard part tonight will be convincing

the young blokes that


is what footy’s about!



  1. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    Watched dusk soccer training in the snow in Reykjavik last month. Stopped and watched in wonder. Guess it’s normal in a land called Ice. But they looked like they were loving it. Rosy rosy cheeks.
    Great images, Matt.

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