Pies v Hawks Discussion

If eagle trumps seagull, does Hawk trump Magpie?

Collingwood have been dominant in defence of their flag. But we all know about the Magpies in September.

Do Hawthorn outswoop them? Or will form prevail?

Let ‘er rip.


  1. Pies by 10.

    Goals that is.

    They can’t lose!

    Could they?

  2. It’s three birds and a cat left. Is that fair?

  3. they wouldn’t do that to me….. *has mini heart attack*

  4. Hawks have the edge on the Pies.

  5. Yep, mum copped a yelling just for asking me if i wanted food! See what footy does to people???!!!

  6. Unsociable football really suits September.

    Unlike Leon Davis.

  7. Okay my boys obviously dont wnt this enough, so im just going to accept it. Footyteams, they really do break your heart sometimes….

  8. Have you passed out Danni?

    It’s over.

    You won.


  9. Fantastic match.
    Players out on their feet.
    Collingwood will be bruised and battered.
    Next week could be a classic.

  10. Andrew Fithall says

    Just got home. Still not sure that we won it. It doesn’t feel like it. But I think we did. There will be nothing conceited from Collingwood players or supporters this week. If Geelong win tomorrow they will go in as warm favourites. Great game to be at. You cannot beat preliminary finals for atmosphere. I love football. But if the result had been different…Now settling in to watch the replay.

  11. A couple of thoughts from a distance.
    Collingwood won it with strength and fitness. They played poorly but they kept coming.
    Chance Bateman will line up for the Dockers next year. His turnovers cost the Hawks in the last quarter. His poor disposal doesn’t fit with the Hawks game plan.
    Hawks just couldn’t maintain their precision game under pressure and exhaustion.
    What does it mean for next week? Dunno. Either Pies couldn’t play so badly again or they are rooted and beaten up. Jolly didn’t look healthy at the end. Reid?
    I am inclined to have big question marks over their form. They find a way to win with determination and strength, but they haven’t looked imposing for over a month.
    Swan and Cloke very good. Raffle most of the rest.

  12. ..Now that i have regained conciseness and oxygen, thought im yet to stop shaking….
    I swear to you all, i will never die a natural death! Im sure to die watching a game of footy because these boys WILL ME THE DEATH OF ME!!! LOL
    That Dale Thomas tackle was THE MOMENT! <3

  13. oh crap, that should say *consciousness and oxygen, though…* i can’t type!!! i don’t think i can sleep either!!!

  14. As an impartial observer, why didn’t Hodge get a free kick and apparently dry humping, with arms around a defender in order to prevent him touching a ball passing just over his head is ok now? Lucky…

  15. Wow! Hawthorn reminded me of the old Geelong in some of those finals c1989-2005. How did the Hawks not win that?

    You’d have to say it was a terrific result for the winner of today’s match.

    I wonder how any side would have coped with that level of superb Hawthorn pressure in a Grand Final.

    I now wonder how the Pies are travelling.

    Travis Cloke and a couple of others saved them.

  16. forwardpocket says

    We’re in the Grand Final.

  17. Well done Pies!!! Simple, and potentially unnecessary to point out, but Hawks were hurt by early misses. You have to make a statement early against the Pies, especially when they’re coming off a week off. They’ve finished strongly all year and weren’t as tired as Hawthorn.

    Whoever lost last night’s game was going to be hard done by. Pies in the GF where they deserve to be after the fantastic season they’ve had.

  18. forwardpocket says

    Just finished watching the last quarter replay. Buddy’s goal and Thomas’ tackle on Rioli, that’s the $130 admission paid for right there. The noise and utter pandemonium of the final 15 minutes were incredible. Hawthorn lost because they were only 3 goals up at 3 quarter time after completely outplaying the pies for three quarters. 2007 prelim all over again wheer the hunger and ferocity of the underdog almost brought the favorite undone. Pies to win GF by 20 goals then.

  19. Football sucks! I’m going fishing!

  20. @Gus, I’m with you there. A blatant tackle on Hodge in the goal square but no free. I guess the umpire valued his life to highly. Imagine paying that!?!

    Biggest criticism of Hawks. The third man up tactic in the last quarter. Ball and Swan’s goals were hit straight to them as they stood unmarked because their man flew for the ruck contest. Dumb footy.

  21. Who am I kiddin, I wouldn’t last half an hour out in the wild of the Rye jetty trying to hook me some squid. And footy doesn’t really suck. The fact that we lost a gripping, heart attack of a game sucks. And that’s for sure. The Hawks were brilliant but to beat the Pies (and Cats) you have to be brilliant for 120 minutes. 2012 beckons.

  22. Bateman replaced in the selected side by Bruest/Savage. Discuss

  23. Provided Jolly and Reid are at least 90% fit, Collingwood will play better next week. Very impressed with Hawthorn last night. After the last two weeks people should stop saying that Hawthorn’s defence is not up to standard. Dawes and Cloke played well, Cloke was a matchwinner, but Hawthorns defence beat Collingwood’s small and middlesized players for nost of the game. Thomas Murphy, for example, has improved massively from the last couple of times Collingwood played the Hawks.

    Very glad we got out of last night. It was the hardest match the Pies have played all year. Regardless of what happens between the Cats and Eagles this afternoon I would have to consider Hawthorn the third best side in the competition.

  24. JM

    Might have been the difference.

    Bateman just couldn’t run the game out. But the ball kept finding him.

    Schoenmakers has had the sort of finals series that will break or make a player.

  25. Amazing game. Absolutely devatasting loss. I can’t stop thinking about Buddy’s final quarter goal, such was the moment. Which inevitably leads to the memory of Luke Ball’s sna, and then Cyril being run down. What theatre…

    Was anyone talking to Cyril, or could they not be heard, such was the noise?

    JM – With reagrd to Savage/Bruest, I really wanted Savage in the side. He’s had a great year and Bateman hasn’t. Bateman did some wonderfully hard, tough things early on last night that perhaps Savage can’t do, but Savage has surpassed Bateman in the running stakes and the pecking order. Savage can also kick over a jam tin as opposed to Bateman kicking it 30m to Maxwell, instead of 50 to whoever it was running into goal. aarrrgh…

    Bruest has been a great sub, so would have been worth a go too, but his Geelong performance wasn’t great.

    Pupolo on Davis was a coaching masterstroke. Small man Puopolo, but such massive ticker. He and Smith are the highlights of our ‘almost, but not quite’ year.

  26. The coaching decision I couldn’t understand (during the finals campaign) was Suckling as the sub.

    Anyways, the Hawks were mighty to the end and even in defeat.


  27. Just finished watching the replay JB. The Champion Data stats had Scheonmakers down for 4 bloopers. They were being generous,

  28. This was a great contest to watch. But what is it with the Pies? For 75% of the year they looked unbeatable – that big swarming midfield. Where has it gone the past 6 weeks? Is it the weight of expectations? Is it believing their own publicity? A lot of them look like they think they are FIGJAM reincarnated without the talent and work ethic? Have the coaching shenanigans and the Heath/Nick imboglio left them wondering and dispirited? They just don’t look right to me. Cloke, Swan and Ball gave everything. But even Pendlebury (who is a wonderful player) looked flat.
    Run the formline through the GF contenders performance against the Eagles, and with the severe doubt about Jolly – and I reckon the Cats are certs (sorry JTH – that is a real kiss of death – but I don’t punt any more so you don’t have to worry about the weight of my money).

  29. Shane ‘Cindy’ Crawford mentioned in today’s Herald, the PIES have had a ‘Bart Cummings’ preparation I tend to agree, I have thought for a while and even more so this year with the sub rule a ‘really good side’ needs 28-30 players to call on. Mick just might have ‘his thoroughbreds’ ready to peak at 2.30pm next saturday. They are in the field. Unable to win a flag if your not there.

  30. gutted!

  31. Bateman is finished.

  32. Grant Fraser says

    I saw Changa come from the interchange gates in the last quarter and run 15 metres before slowing to a walk. I knew he (we) were in trouble. I will not hear the criticism of this man, the “snake in water” carving through the Geelong backline in the 2008 Grand Final who was gut running early and gut running late (remember him making space on the flank in the third when the goals were coming – just missed).
    Having said that, there is a limit to how long a body can continue to perform at that level. I fear age has caught up with this magnificent Hawthorn man. Introspection in the off season for Changa, Rick Ladson, Clint Young, Xavier Ellis (never really lived up to potential…particularly as the Grammar co-captain seems to be finally understanding what footie is all about). Breust, Savage, Suckling, Lisle to the fore, Roughhead at centre half back flanked by Gilham and Gibson to deal with the “monsters”. The experience of Smith in the finals must stand him in good stead (less “helicopters” next year)…there is much to like about 2012.
    And sorry, but in closing – Dermott I love everything about you, but #25 must go.

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