AFL Round 4 – Collingwood v Hawthorn: Pies stun Danni and Hawks

by Danni Eid

After last weeks performance against the team lead by blond boof head I wasn’t sure if I really should watch my boys take on the Hawks. I gave in as normal. I wasn’t gonna miss this, what was I thinking!

Wellingham and Brown shank their shots and Medders directs Daisy who puts through the first. It’s different watching footy now that I have a Super coach team.

I don’t know weather to laugh or shudder when Sam Mitchell, my Super coach captain makes a mistake. For those who don’t know I was dragged into Super coach by my fellow footy loving teens and I don’t take it as seriously as them. In fact my team’s purpose isn’t to win or get the most points, but to be the best looking team and that they are.

My ‘Crusaders’ are the prettiest team out there.

My Magpies are doing typical Malthouse strategy, attacking around the boundary line.

Davis misses, Fraser drops an easy mark – no comment

The Hawks are doing enough to keep us away from the corridor, but they show signs of nerves.

More messy footwork courtesy of Fraser but the complete opposite from Didak who’s all class with footwork and gets our second.

Pendles for whatever reason really, REALLY, REALLY doesn’t want a shot at goal and is forced to thread one through – what on earth was he worried about, he was never going to miss!

As I try to fill in the pink sheet given for business management homework Daisy kicks another goal, a huge improvement on his part.

The Hawks progress in a sloppy manner, Jolly makes them pay and makes himself look good. Finally, to end the term Lewis scores for the brown and gold.

Magpies by 23 points

Now most would be thinking that with no Buddy or Gibson and the lead we have it’s a cakewalk form here. Let me tell you at Collingwood, NOTHING is a cakewalk, still no bloody premiership! I’ve learnt my lesson, when Collingwood is in front with a healthy lead before the third quarter it means trouble. It means the possibility of the boys zoning out and bludging for the rest of the game thinking it will come to them on a silver platter; I blame Eddie for spoiling them too much! It means the Hawks will regroup, get momentum = bye, bye Magpies.

I hope I’m wrong.

Bateman converts the first for the second; hopefully this isn’t a sign of laissez-faire management taking over Collingwood. Movement from Hawthorn is looking better, there’s more flow instead of the random chipping around. After missing one Cloke puts the other away which surely must help his confidence.

A goal is kicked after a 50 metre penalty given to Guerra for holding onto Wellingham too long, who could blame him!

Hodge, Brown and Mitchell are the hard workers for Hawthorn.

Neon Leon misses the set shots but what the heck, he makes sure to nail the flukes!

Steele STEELES the footy when Luke Ball’s shot goes astray; he’s doing such a good job on the senior team.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh the feeling when Swanny bangs one through!

HAWKS – 20           MAGPIES – 66

During halftime I get my Hell’s Kitchen fix, great show. I’m betting on the ‘One Arm Bandit’ Dave to win the title.

To the relief of Hawks fans Roughead gets his first for the match and to my delight Johnson flicks one fancily through the middle.

Gee I love Johnno, he reminds me of the vintage team with Clement, Bucks, Holland, Licuria, Molloy. Now there’s basically Presti, Johnson, O’Bree and Lockyer left.

The commentators worry me with talks that Mitchell’s done a hammy.

The hamstring curse is footy’s answer to the plague of Eyam, but footage of Sammy galloping on the boundary line relieves me.

It was pretty entertaining to see my Super coach captain Mitchell and my vice captain Pendles; deep down I wanted Pendles to win.

The grizzly Campbell Brown puts one through for the Hawks as DAVISSSS!! Takes a flyer, misses the set shot but gets one on the run.

Medders is bobbing about all over the place and every time I get sight of him I let out an uncontrolled, automatic squeal of approval to his cute teddybearishness!

HAWKS – 33         MAGPIES – 89

INTERESTING FACT- the back of Steels head is ridiculous! (For reference to this quote watch the utube video called ‘Can I have your number’)

Yes I’m being serious; he’s so cute! He’s got that sexy just got outta bed hairdo and I love it!

After a goal from Rioli, Daisy kicks his third just for thrills.

I’m so proud of Medders being the main ‘set up’ man and getting the ball to our other forwards. It does wonders when Medders, Shaw, Cloke and Daisy are firing.

Davis boots his third, Didak his second with answers coming from Morton and Peterson.

Jolly puts us up by 65!!

FINALLY a good team effort, FINALLY the team that played the Bulldogs in round one comes out of hiding! As for the Hawks, they sure missed Buddy.

HAWKS – 59        MAGPIES – 123


3 – H.Shaw

2 – P.Medhurst

1 – D. Thomas

Unlucky to miss out: S.Sidebottom and L.Davis

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Good report Danni, I was glad Collingwood won for you, and next week against Essendon, we shouldn’t see a repeat of what happened last April 25. But after that, you have a tough game against Freo and then the impossible task of taking on North Melbourne..

    Lol, good reference to that Youtube video.

  2. Thanks Joshy, i’m crossing my fingers for an Anzac win, PLEASE BOYS, PLEASE!!!
    Yeah Freo will be an..interesting challenge as for North they better not get in line on my big day!! wait till the week after!! lol

    gotta love that utube video :)

    ps. i assume you are wagging class then?

  3. Great piece, Danni!
    I admit, I tipped the Hawks – only because I’d picked them as grand finalists this year. I guess I was very, VERY wrong about that one – Collingwood are playing superbly at the moment! It’s only their accuracy (or lack thereof) that is letting them down – trust me, I understand this frustration only too well.
    All the best for the Anzac day clash!

  4. 4. Thanks Susie, i have to admit that i only tipped my Magpies b/c Buddy was missing for the Hawks but i give them credit for their great performance.
    The inaccuracy is not about ot improve, Jack Anthony is apperantly sidelined with an ankle injury. :(

  5. Oh no! That’s the worst :-( I thought Superman was meant to be invulnerable?

    Maybe they should question Campbell Brown – is that kryptonite in your pocket, or are you just happy to see Jack? ;-)

  6. lol Susie, actually on that topic, the players I’d love to put in my pocket are Medders and Mitchell :P

    They’re so cute! :)

    i can’t wait to see Jack…i miss him terribly

  7. Steve Healy says

    I didn’t drag you into supercoach! hahaha

    good report danni, and I agree with you, fantasy competitions can make you watch footy in a different way

  8. Steve Healy says

    I didn’t drag you into supercoach! hahaha good report danni, and I agree with you, fantasy competitions can make you watch footy in a different way

  9. Good report Danni, I think that was one of, if not the best game i’ve seen Sidebottom play, he’s going to be a star.

  10. 7- Sure Steve, remind me who the guy was that had a heart attack when he found ou i watched Hells Kitchen instead of the footy? what was his name? Cleve? lol

    8- Thanks Jeff :)
    i know, Steeles just doing mighty fine!

  11. 2:

  12. 10- ummmm.YEAHHHH!!! :)
    Come on Just lose that game!! Just THAT one, then u can win the rest!

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