Pies on the attack

A lot of love for the ones in black & white today (anyone would think they’d made the finals or something…)


The way Collingwood have been playing in recent times, perhaps this photo (brought to our attention by Andrew Stafford via Twitter) tells a thousand words…is the flag withing striking distance?



Pictured: Swooping magpie moments away from exacting pain on an opponent…or perhaps running into a yellow and black windscreen…





  1. Gee there’s a lot of rubbish flying around at the moment.

    Anyway, I heard an interesting stat today – don’t know if its true or false. But apparently, in the game against the Eagles, the numbers of games that the Melbourne team of players has played (adding up all the individuals AFL games) amounted to 1,964. Or, 1964. The year of the last Demons flag!! Could this be true? Is it an omen?

  2. Must be a record! Four consecutive Pies articles. Great photo but surely it’s photo-shopped?

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