Pies get one for the road

How slow does school drag on when you know your team is playing that night? I’ll you, it drags on forever, to top it all off I have a huge headache. Don’t stay up past midnight writing a lit essay; it will get to your head before bed and the next morning! I love Friday night footy, LOVE it!

All I could think of during school was getting home and waiting to see how my team goes up against the newly baptized threat, The Freo Dockers. My friends must have noticed, Candy caught me day dreaming in literature. She points at the photo of me and Jack Anthony and asks, “Is that Falvo?” Don’t ask me how she invented such a random name, “who the fudge are you on about?” I ask. She points again “Him” “OH, that’s JACK ANTHONY!” She gives an “Ahh” as sign that she recognizes the name, that’s a small indication that she pays some sort of attention to my footy talk amongst her talk about that dude she has her eye on at Safeway. I forgive her for her elephant mistake, she is blonde after all.

Period six History was the hardest to get through; I’d look up at the clock every three minutes waiting for the final bell. At least we got to the part where King Louis XVI gets his head chopped off by the guillotine.

Finally homeroom time! As I walk out with my back breaking school bag, which probably weighs more than me, my lovely teacher Mr. Rawley tries to get under my skin. “Have a nice weekend Danni.” It’s all innocent until he adds “GO FREO, GO FREO!!!!!” I don’t reply, I just embrace the smallest bit of childish behavior and poke my tongue. Some teachers are just MEAN!  LOL

He’s probably still offended from what I wrote about that ANZAC day match in my last Business Sac.

I get into the car “Drive away Mum, my head is killing me.”

The time comes and I settle in front of the telly with a packet of Royals. I have already deprived the pantry of all the Tim-Tam packets. The boys warm up out on the ground and the first thing I notice is “OMG JACK SHAVED HIS HAIRRRR!!! WHYYY???!!” After that small offended meltdown Jack begins his statement by not missing his first shot at goal. “That’s my baby!” After that one nice goal the game takes a complete sloppy turn. Mistake after mistake and Bumblebee gets the first for the Dockers. O’Bree kicks one followed by Sandilands and then Pendles sends through his 50th! “YAYYYY PENDLES!!” I exclaim as I fill in the first question on my business Sac revision sheet.

Clokey manages to leaves me puzzled by nailing the long range shot on an angle and then he kicks another, thanks to the nice ground work by new Magpie Luke Ball. Lukey, the 150 gamer bops up all over the place and after a 50 meter penalty he gets his first to a sea of purple boos. Jolly is annoying me, if only he would win as much hit outs as he gives away frees. After Sunshine kicks one (Beams) i’m not at all feeling entertained…it’s Friday night, my boys are playing footy and I’m watching them with a poker face.

The question floating around in my head is: With my boys doing this well so early in the game, can they keep the momentum for another 3 quarters?

Crowley goals twice for the Dockers after an unlucky behind for Swanny. It goes down to 7 points the difference as Pavlich threads one over the shoulder. The footy gets to Davis, all alone and he strolls into the goals. Sandilands causes me to shove the sixth Royal biscuit into my mouth, I’m an emotional eater. STEELE! YES…NOOO!! He misses.

More dismay as Clokey takes a strong grab but fudges the 15 meter sitter. Then a showdown between Tarrant, who looks just awful in a freo jumper and big Trav Cloke, The wrestle could have gone right into the crowd, as Clokey uses his strength, grabs the footy and pokes it through. It seems as though now the Dockers are the ones who have contracted the nerves.

Despite a fair argument from Captain Maxy, Bumblebee gets his second. Yet another showdown as Cloke, too good for Tazza gives Wood a gift in the goal square.

Gee, umpire number nine is pretty good-looking.

Halftime and the cameras cross to our rooms where Jack Anthony is lying down and eating a sandwich! “OMG, OMG CUTEST THING EVER!! JACK CHEWS SO CUTELY!!” LOL I think Joshy Barnstable would have heard my squealing up in Waaia!

To answer Mr.Starkie- *Does military salute* “Sir yes sir! I’m doing my Business revision, while admiring my number nine get through a sandwich.” If I fail my next Business Sac I blame Jack’s adorable consumption method.

Good old Johnson gets the first of the third after a nice gather from the sandwich eating Superman. (I think I’ll just die if I find out he was eating Nutella and sprinkles  in that sandwich!) Hill responds for Freo while Swanny strolls in for his own. So much strolling! Clokey is having a BEE-YOU-TEE! With now FIVE goals. “Ahh FUDGE!” Jack drops another but manages on his knees to get it to Didak= GOAL Superman lays a FIERCE tackle, apparently it was ‘high’ I thought it was quite hawt-dayum- ish. Just so you know that I’m not biased, Da BORE is Da HOT!

The last quarter gets over with pretty fast. Silvagni goals followed by my beloved Hill-Billy Steele who goals from right in the square, too easy baby. Committed Shaw is a star! I just LOVE Heath Shaw!!! “I LOVE YA HEATH!!” As for Didak, what more can I say? He’s Didak that’s all that needs to be said! The siren sounds and I know I’ve got one tip right this week.

Yeah, my boys like to travel.

Coll- 133 Freo- 97

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Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Steve Healy says

    Great report danni, although I still don’t know why anyone would do school work while watching the footy. Whatever was in Jack’s sandwich didn’t exactly make him set the world alight

  2. Danielle says

    Steve, you know that one of my many talents is multi-tasking :)
    As for Jack’s sandwich..yeah i guess you’re right.

  3. Steve Healy says

    Well, it couldn’t have been nutella and sprinkles then ;)

  4. Danielle says

    3- steve lol
    i had that for lunch at school today!

  5. Phil Dimitriadis says


    are you almost prepared to concede that Jack’s a hack? (On field. Dawes is so much more powerful and creative.

  6. Danielle says

    Phil, no i’m sorry i don’t think He’s a hack.
    Yes Dawes plays better i will admit that BUT i think the only thing stopping Jack is that he’s not able to play to our new tempo.
    Jack is a more, make him the target, he takes the mark and then gets his goals from set shots, whereas now with our 10+ diff goal kickers its more of faster play on and kick goals.
    It would help if Jack worked a bit more on presenting himself and got a better, stronger grip on the footy when marking.
    do i think he’s a hack?

  7. Jack would be a star at a team like Essendon or Port Adelaide.

    Good report too Danni.

  8. I disagree Barney, a mediocre forward like him needs a good supply, and Essendon and Port’s midfield don’t give their forward line the supply Collingwood do. Also, Anthony benefits from the fact that Collingwood have a mixed array of targets, diluting the opposition pressure all over the forward 50.

  9. Danielle says

    i agree with Bulman.

  10. Steve Healy says

    i thought you’d rate Jack more highly than mediocre

  11. Danielle says

    10- sorry ill be more specific.
    i agree with bulmun minus the mediocre part.


  12. Good report Danni

    I’m assuming your not obsessed with Jack’s new hairstyle?

    Thanks for the mention too, come to think of it I think I did hear something peculiar at about half time of the match last Friday..

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