Perfect: Tony Lockett

Tony Lockett kicking action

Tony Lockett. Photo: Fairfax




If ever a kicking style epitomises the way footballers should kick, take a look at this photo of Tony Lockett.


Perfect balance with his body in a vertical, position, kicking leg straight and fully extended and arms used as a counter balance.


I reckon every footy club should have this photograph blown up and pasted on clubroom walls, especially the Essendon Football Club whose forwards have all sorts of trouble trying to kick the footy through the big sticks.


Rod Oaten


  1. jan courtin says

    Great advice!
    Rod are you related to Max Oaten?

  2. Stab Punt Jim Johnson says

    [New post] Perfect: Tony Lockett

    Tony lockets kicking action was great. The whole action from balance in the run before kicking and the dropping the ball as for a drop kick was great. He did not drop the ball vertical. When he made contact with boot and ball the ball was near to being vertical and reasonably close to the ground. His contact with the ball and his balance and concentration were the best. The picture showing the after contact follow through position is first class. He had great natural ability, which he practiced to perfection. He could kick just as well on the run in the field of play.
    Stab Punt Jim

  3. Watching Lockett kick for goal is a study in excellence. Kicked 1360 goals and 590 behinds.
    But I’ve always thought Brian Taylor had the most pleasing action to watch, of all the full forwards who have kicked more than 500 goals. He seemed to kick with a straighter back. He seemed laid back and casual. He was a classical kick. Watching Barge kick was like watching Mark Waugh bat.

  4. Rod Oaten says

    Jan, I think there is a family link there somewhere, but it’s a distant one. I have just been to Taunton in Somerset and there are plenty of Oatens there, made me feel important. Rod

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