Payneham Norwood Union grab the holy grail: by Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood

Payneham Norwood Union have achieved the holy grail in winning their first Div 1 Premiership since returning to the SAAFL competition, defeating PAC by 4 pts in front of 3;000 very vocal spectators at the home of the SAAFL, Thebarton oval.



In what was an incredible and seemingly bizarre game the Falcons got away to an absolute flyer, and dominated kicking with the wind being up by 5 goals at 1/4 time. Cameron Milne and Nick Jolly were well on top in the ruck, feeding on-ball brothers Anthony and Jonny  Giannini, with Brett Ancell buzzing around, and Chase Bower providing run and rebound from half back.  They provided opportunities for key forward duo, the Batman and Robin show of the PNU, in Liam Davis and Alex Forster.



Payneham then kicked the opening 3 goals of the 2nd quarter and threatened to blow the game apart. Paul Lowe’s set shot, kicking against the wind, was a goal of pure beauty. Then came the team goal of the day, with several players involved with quick hands, culminating with Alex Forster taking 3 bounces keeping the ball low and straight from 40 meters was all class. (Alex called for a taxi to get him to the next contest).


Suddenly the game turned on its head, with PAC getting on top. Hayden Jolly from half back floating thru the midfield started to have a significant influence, with Craig Pitt bursting in to the game kicking 3 goals. Campbell Wildman provided drive from defence and thru the midfield Mitch Wicks was important. At half time the margin had been reduced to 20 points.


Tom Bartlett kicked 2 goals in a minute in the 3rd term for the Reds, and  the margin had been reduced to 7 pts. Cometh the hour, cometh Liam Davis for the Falcons with 2 big marks and goals (the 2nd a huge pack park and long goal – good old fashioned footy!). Brett Ancell kicked his 2nd, and at lemons time the Falcons had seemingly steadied and lead by 27 pts.


PAC then dominated the last term, adding 3-5 keeping PNU scoreless. Will Dalwood was creative from defence. Adam “who paid the raffle man” Perryman was moved in to the midfield and was vital. Cam Pritchard from half back used the ball well. Drew Clayfield provided a target (the PNU supporters were very caring and encouraging to Drew all day – cough cough) Only missed opportunities from the Reds  may have saved the Falcons in the end, but stuff it, the good guys held on in the end (not often you win a flag with a scoreless quarter).


Well done to club stalwarts Nick Jolly and Paul Lowe to have played in the div 3,div 2 and now division 1 premiership sides!


Huge congratulations to Garry McIntosh, the best, CLUB coach I have seen. His effort to have all the juniors involved presenting premiership medals to the individual PNU players and in the premiership photo was sensational(if you are at Payneham, and there isn’t a member of the McIntosh or Darrington clan present, please ring the police and file a missing persons report). The efforts and contribution of assistant coaches, Scott ‘Sponge’ Direen and Ben ‘Rex’ Hunt are to be applauded. The speech by club Captain Jonny Giannini was brilliant and classy. Thank you for being you ! It’s a win for George D, The Darringtons, James Roder, Fragomenis and Giannini’s , Nipper, Louise, Tait B, Owen, Bruno, Wags, Dave M, Chook, the committee, and of course the self-appointed spiritual leader of the club, Tommy Turic. PNU have a large and loyal following who are there every week supporting. It’s a win for a real community-based club. It was a privilege to be there!


Congrats to the inaugural PNU premiership ladies side and under 15 flag side as well, and surprise surprise Macca coached that 1 as well!


The celebrations have been long and entertaining. There’s even a rumour that Jonny G is out of his playing gear by now! Go the Falcons!


(Payneham Norwood Union wore purple armbands on Saturday supporting mental health it was important, a focus on what has happened and continuing our support for ever).


Payneham Norwood Union 12-4-76 def Prince Alfred OC 10-12-72


PNU – L Davis 4,P Lowe, A Forster 2,T Wagner, N Jolly, K Santillo, B Ancell

Best Players – L Davis, A Giannini, B Ancell, N Jolly, B Vidic, C Milne, J Giannini


PAC – C Pitt,T Bartlett 3, D Clayfield 2,T Spanovskis, B O Donohue

Best Players –  H Jolly, M Wicks, C Pitt, A Waters, C Wildman, A Perryman, C Pritchard


John and Cameron Milne ( photo taken by Malcolm Ashwood )


Payneham Norwood Union Premiers SAAFL Division 1 ( photo taken by Malcolm Ashwood )




Payneham belt out the victory song ( photo taken by Malcolm Ashwood)


Payneham Celebration ( photo taken by Malcolm Ashwood )




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  1. Love your work Malcolm. A most enjoyable read and congrats to Macca. Great Photos, better than any of mine. Still getting over my old friend Bob “Woff” Oatey’s passing.

    PS Have you been able to find time in your busy schedule to glance through a certain baseball book, if so what did you think?

  2. Luke Reynolds says

    Fantastic Malcolm, love the photos, congratulations to everyone involved at the Payneham Norwood Union FC!

  3. Cameron Glenn says

    Another good article. Well done to PNU. That GF ended in a thriller so would have been a tense finish prior to the final siren.

  4. Jimmy Carter says

    Cough cough?
    Rather one sided commentary Rulebook

  5. Mark Duffett says

    But of course Clayfield was a target. Pull!

  6. Well done Malcom and Macca

  7. Thanks for the match report Malcolm. Well done!

    Having had the connection with the club, many , many moons ago (back in the SAFA era), I do look for the results, so it’s good to see them doing well.

    And of course there has always been a strong association with Norwood, and many people involved at both clubs. (I know the colours are from NU, but…….B&W still doesn’t look right!)

  8. No doubt Macca would have had the club pumping that night. Good write up again Rulebook.

  9. Good work ad always Book.

  10. It’s obviously a great piece of writing when an ex president of America, namely Jimmy Carter comments on the post. I wonder if our Prime Minister has read it?

  11. Verity Sanders says

    Thanks Malcolm – great write-up – and just to complete the Falcons dominion over wisteria aroma’d Adelaide September footy, the Payneham Norwood UFC senior women won the Div 2 premiership by one bloody point !!! ( These young people don’t care about our coronary states obviously ). Two premierships by less than a goal in two weeks is a bit special, and a credit to the players and supporters. It was only the second year of the Club having teams on the rapidly expanding women’s competition, so a great result. The women’s team has been very ably coached by Mr Benjamin Hunt Esq, assisted by the Crows’ Chloe Scheer. The finish means the senior women’s team will be promoted to Div 1 in 2020 – I’m particularly looking forward to seeing the Falcon gals take on the Greg Phillips-coached SMOSH women’s team !! Could be messy. Bring it on.

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