Club colours – how very multicultural

Tweeting has become the new booing almost in that you know that tweeters are probably subjecting people to inane utterings. Tweeting reminds me of a great Denis Thatcher quote (and there weren’t that many!) that: it’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool, rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt!

Anyway it’s Multicultural round…and with the Olympics not too far away…let’s salute the national/regional flags in our AFL teams’ colours…some took ages to find. All c/- on google. Fremantle couldn’t actually be confirmed (via CIA website,, Qatar search on google…)


Adelaide                                 Romania, Chad

Brisbane                                  Colombia and Venezuela

Carlton                                                Scotland

Collingwood                           Brittany and Corsica – provinces in France

Essendon                                 Albania

Fremantle                                Azores? Qatar? – the jury is still out…Italy too with a splash of purple in past years…

Geelong                                   Finland

Gold Coast                              Spain, Macedonia and Vietnam

Greater Western Sydney         Northern Territory

Hawthorn                                Murcia in Spain…the closest. Possibly rusty colour…

Melbourne                               Haiti, Samoa

North Melbourne                    Greece, Honduras, Israel, UN and Micronesia

Port Adelaide                          Estonia, Botswana…closest – more pale blue than teal.

Richmond                               Baden-Wurrtemburg in Germany

St.Kilda                                   Germany (yes – know your history people*!), Yemen, Trinidad and Tobago, Maori flag(NZ), Aboriginal flag (Australia)

Sydney            Japan, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, England, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Poland, Latvia

West Coast                              Sweden, European Union, Ukraine

Western Bulldogs                   Serbia, France, Croatia, Cambodia, Chile, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Holland, Iceland, North Korea, Norway, Russia…..and god know how many others!


* St.Kilda used to wear the Cheltenham FC colours of red, black and yellow. The white replaced the yellow soon after WWII due to the German legacy.

In all seriousness/curiosity, would be interested to know if this is why amateur club AJAX wears black, red and white….? Anyone?


  1. Richard Naco says

    Re GWS: imaginative, and very close, but no cigar.

    Ochre + black =/= orange + charcoal.

    Greater Western Sydney’s colours are actually closest to those flaunted on World Harmony Day, so rather than being restricted by the artificial constraints of national borders (which are, truth be told, only recognised by one species on this planet), it’s more a case of giant hugs all round, for everybody – everywhere.

    (C’mon, feel the lurve!)

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