Open fall out – summing up

By Nick Innes

Scott’s short game let him down in the last round.

Think he might have had 1 up and down for the day.

Sure the greens were a bit slower than day 3 but he left that many putts short it was ridiculous.

Also all of the shorter putts he missed were pulled left iirc – something for him to work on.

Bogey from just off back of 1 with missed short putt a shocker to start off the day.

Par on the par 5 (7th??) a shocker, pin high to the left for two.

Three putt on 16 a shocker, first putt was ok but pulled an absolute tiddler left.

17 poor shot and strategy in that needed to be right and short of that sucker pin and probably took to much club.

18 he should have probably played an iron to take the bunker out of play, if he wanted to be aggressive should have pulled driver and put it over the bunkers like Els.

34 putts for his round after 30 the two days before and 26 in the first round.

The first round 64 from Scott was brilliant and simply a pleasure to watch.

Not sure I’d called it a choke like Norman was doing by the end.

Just needs to keep working on his short game and get the ball in the hole.

Also needs to learn to not to get to defensive, don’t think thats his game, felt he could have blown the field away by the time he got to the last 4 holes if he was just a bit more aggressive.

Ball striking magnificent, just needs to learn from it and make a few smarter decisions in future.

Credit to Ernie, super effort. Magnificent last round and back nine in particular.

Yes Scotty gave it to him but Els has lost a few he should have won so good to see him move up to 4 majors. Legend of the game.

South African golf killing us at the moment unfortunately though. They’ve won a stack of majors compared to zilch for us in last 7 years and before that also.

Absolutely cracker of a course and major (went to this course in 2001). Far superior to the bullshit courses the USGA serves up at the US Open.

Brilliant coverage from Foxtel, showed so much golf. Few ads( unlike masters on 10 earlier in the year) and in brilliant high definition (unlike masters on 10 earlier in the year).

Final round was an absolute cracker apart from Scotty not getting the job done. First 9 holes were brilliant with just spectacular stuff happening left right and centre. Second nine not so much for me, but probably was just as intriguing for the impartial viewer.

Shame it wasn’t live on channel nine as well for those who don’t have free to air. They actually hold the rights but elected to show an hour of highlights instead of showing it live.

Golf needs to get free to air coverage in this country if it is to grow more interest in the game.

Last two rounds of the Opens at an inconvenient time for us (Australia) and gave up a fair bit of sleep but it was bloody brilliant, totally worth it irrespective of the result. Worked yesterday but was completely out of it.  Slept like a baby last night for about 12 hours.

Anyway looking forward to Scott learning from this, reassessing, working hard and winning the US PGA in a couple of weeks.

Was a hell of a ride.


  1. Very insightful, Nick.
    Any chance you could take over Adam’s bag from that big mouth/big head Steve Williams?
    The fates were punishing Williams for kicking Tiger when he was down.
    Time for you to take up the bag. As the American golf crowds shout “You ‘Da Man”.

  2. I thought Scott was too tentative on his putts early. As you said he left a stack of them just short. Definitely should have gone driver on the last. Had been hitting it beautifully all day (all tournament!) but chickened out when it counted. I’m a big fan but that was a choke in the G. Norman mould if ever I’ve seen one (and i believe even Adam agreed). As I turned the TV off around 3:30am, I declared to my son that it would leave Scott so scarred he would never win a major. Really hope I’m wrong.

  3. Mark Doyle says

    Although he did not win the British Open Golf Tournament, Adam Scott played an excellent tournament, which justifies his no. 6 world ranking. It is pointless to make judgments about his game and strategy in the final round. Most of the leaders struggled in the difficult conditions on Sunday and Ernie Els played very well to win the tournament.
    Most of the comments made by Australian media buffoons and radio talk-back people are irrelevant. It is bemusing to hear and read ignorant comments by people who are nothing more than heroworshipping sycophantic supporters who think anyone who does not win is a loser; 95% of sports fans and media buffoons in Australia do not understand the difficulty of playing sport at the elite level. The only media commentator to provide an intelligent comment on Adam Scott’s game in the British Open was Brett Ogle.
    It is interesting that three of the best golfers, Luke Donald, Lee Westwood and Adam Scott, have not won a major, but all have been the best performers around the world in recent years.

  4. Great article, sat through the last night, was great sport but felt for Adam. Ernie Eeeeels is a great champion though. Bracksy would be happy. And Fox’s coverage was superb, high definition is brilliant, its hard to watch sport in standard definition now.

  5. David Downer says

    #mediabuffoons is now trending on the Bellarine Peninsula

  6. Nick Innes says

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    Im a footy fan but at the risk of offending on a footy site, golf truly is the greatest game of all.

    The USPGA starts 9 August.

    Lets get behind Scotty.

    I expecting an Aussie to get up.

  7. Nick,
    Love your parochialism but you can get evens with me!

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