One Question for Max Papley

The superb Darrel Baldock Memorial in Latrobe, not only preserves the great man’s football achievements but also acknowledges perhaps lesser known yet still remarkable accomplishments in cricket, politics and horse racing.

Of interest to me was an article on a Victorian based local cricket club’s website recanting a fundraiser celebrity double wicket competition in the early 1960s.

It appears that the competition was won by Baldock and one, Max Papley. Is any one able to shed further light on this event?


About Warwick Nolan

Cricket tragic. Football tragic. However, he did enjoy glory early in his career. His zenith was as a ten years old when Simpson and Lawry opened the batting, Baldock wore a Collingwood jumper and a UFO landed on the school oval.


  1. ‘Can’t shed any light on the cricketing event, Warwick, but former South Melbourne footballer Max Papley is spoken of in near-reverential terms in Williamstown, where he played and coached.

  2. Max Papley was captain/coach of Williamstown’s 1969 VFA premiership team.

  3. Ask him directly Warwick – @MaxPapley11

  4. Dr Rocket says

    Max Papley should have been in the Swans Team of the Century!

    Won a b & f in 1966 breaking up Bobby Skilton’s nine awards. Great centreman, wore #11, only played 60 odd games for South. Originally played at Moorabbin where he played in their 1963 premiership team. Then he went to South in 1964.

    Could play!

  5. Max says it was at a charity day run by McKinnon CC, when he was paired with DB.
    They played together at Moorabbin CC.

  6. OldBlueStager says

    I have no knowledge of Max Papley the cricketer, but I agree with others in the thread that he was a brilliant footballer, not in Baldock’s class, but not far below. I recall him kicking a goal from the centre circle at the Lake Oval. I also saw him in his Williamstown days, and knew of him as a Moorabbin player, though I never saw him in the blue and white hoops.

  7. Max was as good at cricket as he was football, and he was a damn good footballer, his biggest weakness was he could not catch rabbits as good as his cousin, one time he had to be carried home after hurting an ankle..not tough enough, but a great bloke and a great mate.

  8. What position did Max play in? Was he a full forward or am i confusing him with Max Oaten ?


  9. Is this the same Max Papley that the pavilion at Bunyip Bulldogs Football ground is named after?

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