One Bloody Point

I’m very confused, is it April 26 or August 26?  I look out the window and winter has arrived.  Just four days ago I was basking in glorious sunshine, today it’s  cold hard rain. Hey, but there is an upside.  Last year I bought myself a  GoreTex down coat , so today is the inaugural wearing of it at the “G”, and I’ll be wearing it for the Annual Father/Son bonding day to watch the Dons take on the Pies.


Pre game discussions over a couple of cleansing ales were based on previous battles, the draw, remembering Rocca’s dominance, David Zaharakis’s goal in the dying seconds three years ago, the thumping Collingwood have inflicted on us for the last few years, and how I dropped the magic word in front of grandson last year, which has had many humorous ramifications over the last twelve months.


The game starts in cold wet conditions, good to see a couple of the Dons with long sleeves although they reverted to sleeveless on the inter change mid way through the first quarter. Both teams were hard at it, really hard at it, but I just had the feeling the Magpies were getting the advantage of the situation. Ben Johnson on the Pies back line was impassable, Pendlebury was everywhere and Dane Swan seemed to have the footy on a string. The Dons were well served by Dyson Heppell, David Zaharakis and Sam Lonergan, but last week’s heroes Stanton, Watson and Crameri were pretty quiet. Quarter time and Pies up by 7 points, but deep down I thought it should have been more.


Early in the second term Collingwood got a goal through Cloke and a gift one to Blair and I was worried about a thrashing.  But the Dons came back with a couple of great goals “against the tide”. Alwyn Davey  who always looks dangerous crumbing and tackling got one and classy David Zaharakis swooped in for the other. The Dons were doing it tough, Collingwood were on top, but at half time much to my surprise,  the Pies were only up by a couple of goals.  Half time, and time for another cleansing ale, but the huge crowd in the bar meant only time for  the one.


By the time we got  back to our seats the Dons  had got to within a point, and I wasn’t sure what had happened, but I was feeling upbeat, and son, not so happy. Swan was still dominating and Beams was a problem. But the Dons were still in there tackling and chasing.  Dustin Fletcher was playing his usual dependable game in defence and at the other end, Harry O’Brien was impressive for the Pies. The  game continued as a really hard slog, conditions were wet and slippery and players on both sides must have been dog tired after the short break between matches. At the three quarter time Collingwood were up by 12 points.


Last quarter and the game continued in the same way. It was nerve wracking and heart pumping stuff. Son and I watching proceedings with grim determination. A “wag” in the crowd suggested the one Essendon footballer  had played 101 games, all bad ones. One Collingwood player was more trouble for the team than Matthew Newton would have been. Laughter among us, but on the field it was no laughing matter. Collingwood had their chances and so did the Dons. Missed kicks, missed marks on both sides before Davey got one and Stanton got another. Dons in front and probably only three minutes left. It’s hard to watch, it’s hard to stay in your seat, but you can’t take your eyes off the game. But then, to add to the tension, there is a tangle of ball and feet and bodies  in the Collinwood goal square, and after what seems like  an hour and a half ,it is video judged that Jarryd Blair had goaled. Collingwood in front.  In the last 60 seconds the Dons had chances but just couldn’t grab them.

Siren.  Collingwood winners by the narrowest of margins, one bloody point.

Goals-    Collingwood, Swan 3 Cloke 3 Blair 2 Beams Jolly Sidebottom

Essendon Davey 3 Zaharakis2 Monfries Howlett Stanton Dell’ollio Hocking Lonergan

Best- Collingwood  Swan, Pendlebury, Johnson, Beams, O’Brien

Essendon  Zaharakis, Heppell, Fletcher, Lonergan, Davey



PS  On a packed tram full of happy Pie supporters, they called out for any Dons to join them on board, as they love to mix with “losers”  A happy way to finish the day, after all it’s only a game.



  1. Why would the Cllingwood fans need Essondon fans to hang around with losers?

    Aa an impartial observer, I though Essendon were only getting about 35% of the 50/50 decisions. Hard to say whether Collingwood have fallen or Essendon has risen based on that game.

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