OK, Who forgot to Compile the VFA Stats between 1877 and 1896?

Given that the 18 (or is it 19) years represent a significant chain in the history of footy, I’m surprised that there is (or seems to be) no easy-access stats for the VFA results in the period. I can find the premiers but that’s about it.

Is there a place to find this stuff or should I just do it myself and then sell it for millions to the AFL?


  1. Ian – the AFL will pay you in 1896 dollars so you’ll get 2 pigs and a sheep.

  2. dave latham says

    I don’t know, but I’m certain Judd would have polled well there.

  3. Adam Muyt says

    Maroons were good, real good. Ah, those were the days….

  4. http://www.blueseum.org has many of Carlton’s VFA results
    http://wiki.fcmelbourne.com.au has some of Melbourne’s VFA record.
    http://www.rhettrospective.com has details Richmond’s first season (1885)

    Much of the VFL’s early records have been reconstructed from newspaper reports.

    The same would have to be done with the VFA early records.

    Should you attempt it you will find many pre-modern elements to the competition.
    Matches un-reported. Scheduled matches not played. Extra matches played that
    may or may not be counted. Incomplete and contradictory scores.

  5. I also have found no results archive for the VFA on the web.

    To remedy this I have started on a small project to compile results from old newspapers (in particular the Argus). Some of the reports are fascinating, an insight into a bygone era which seems totally neglected due to the many accounts which treat the game as if it started from nothing in 1897.

    I have worked backwards from 1896 and have reached 1891. Slow work and have not done much cross-checking yet.. I have found discrepancies in many of the final tables that are currently published and would like to see a definitive listing produced.

    I have set up a page as an example of what I am doing:

  6. Ian,
    If you look at http://www.blueseum.org and go to the Left and click On Field and then click on Pre VFL there are details of nearly all Carlton games from 1864-1896, of course, from a Carlton perspective and not too much about the opposition. There are ladders and state games and other items of football interest.
    Go to 1896 and at the bottom of page there is a list of all clubs Carlton have played with win/loss/draws.
    There is also a separate section of Venues, and Rules of Football with links to rule changes etc.,
    There are bio’s on over 750 Players Pre VFL.
    If you want the references used, go to About Us click on Index then click References.
    A lot of the newspapers are online at Trove, or at the SLV but you have to go through the microfilm.

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