Almanac Rugby League – NRL Grand Final 2015 : Brisbane Broncos v North Queensland Cowboys – the view from Up North

What a remarkable game of rugby league…

My dear wife and long time Cowboys tragic went into meltdown when JT’s conversion hit the post.

She had to leave the room a couple of times during the game after things like the disallowed try and the dropped ball from Linnett.

Her blood pressure was going through the roof. At one stage she nearly karate chopped our leather lounge in two.

When JT missed, she started praying. Soon after Hunt dropped the ball from the restart in extra time. I seems her prayers were starting to be answered. When the field goal went through it was as if she had won Gold  Lotto.

There would be only one thing better than this and that’s secession to form a new state of North Queensland. Oh ….JT would be our first Premier.

(Sorry Bob Katter.)

I am not a betting man but I wish I’d had a quadrella on the Wallabies, Penrith U20, Jets and Cowboys. I wonder what that would have paid.

I tipped all four.

Great jersey Mattress. I saw it on Offsiders as well. Maybe it could become the new school sports uniform for your school.

Well done to the Broncos fans – so gracious in defeat. Most of them stayed after the game to salute the new premiers. If a NSW team had played the Cowboys or Broncos and were beaten I think their fans would have made a bee-line for the exits.

Another highlight of the night was that doll that little Frankie Thurston was carrying. It provided Harriet with a lot of amusement.

Thank God it’s a holiday. Everything in NQ would be shut down for the day.

Kind regards

Peter H.

PS I am sure the English fans can’t wait for the Cowboys to land on their soil. The Cowboys should have a few fans going as it will be cheaper to fly over there than it was to fly to Sydney.

How magic it would be if they were playing against Wigan and Matty Bowen.

About Peter Hulthen

Born in Brisbane, I spent my formative years playing cricket and rugby in the local Yeronga Park. My great love of all sports has followed me around the state whilst working as a Primary Principal. Now retired I spend my time now mentoring younger Rugby Coaches and keeping in touch with my former team mates via email. I still play Golden Oldies Rugby and look forward to the Annual Charters Towers Goldfield Ashes.


  1. Greg Mallory says

    Great report Peter. I am pleased the Cowboys won but was disappointed it was won in golden point.

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