Not happy Mick!!!

Danni Eid apologizes to her fans for not providing a match report for the Hawks vs. Pies game. While she took notes and was intending on writing one up, her mood took a swing for the worse and her feelings of disgust towards Malthouse’s selection heightened which caused this decision. She had taken to venting out her frustrations as a tweeter and even went to the extremes of UNFOLLOWING the Collingwood coach in rebellion and strike towards the dropping of Jack Anthony after his reasonable performance on Taylor Walker.

MadameDeficit9 –

I cant Believe Jack Anthony got dropped!! ARE U EFFING kidding me!!? WHAT THE HELL WAS WRONG with his performance last week JERKS!!!!ARGGH 6:36 PM Aug 26th via web

MadameDeficit9 –

@Collingwood_FC NOT HAPPY WITH SELECTION!!! Jack Anthony did NOT deserve to be dropped based on last weeks’ performance. Im VERY UPSET 6:38 PM Aug 26th via web in reply to Collingwood_FC

MadameDeficit9 –

Just UNFOLLOWED Mick Malthouse in strike against his dropping of Jack Anthony, NO MORE MISS NICE GIRL!!!!!!!!I CNT EFFING BELIEVE THIS!!! 6:45 PM Aug 26th via web

MadameDeficit9 –

Still UNFOLLOWING mickmalthouse! Very upset with selection change of dropping Jack Anthony!!! :( #ihatemickrightnow 2:21 PM Aug 27th via web

MadameDeficit9 –

At collingwood Jack Anthony seems to get dropped more that a beat!!!! :( #stillhatingonmick 2:27 PM Aug 27th via web



Just realized that we were without Leigh Brown. Loss means nothing. That’s like reading the bible without Jesus about 1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone Retweeted by you

MadameDeficit9 –

hope Micks happy, hope ur all smiley!!! dont get me rong i love Beamsy hes a gun, but WE all know it should have been JACK ANTHONY!:( damnit 40 minutes ago via web

MadameDeficit9 –

i must say, i was lovin Micks reactions lol such a dodgey selection, Fraser wasnt bad davis coulda been better, macarthy= dont bother 34 minutes ago via web

Yeah so that’s about it, sorry to the fans again.

Collingwood got 17 behinds, how ironic.

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  1. Ah, yes, I see the irony now Danni. Had me puzzled for a second.

    So you have an iPhone Danni? When did you get that?

    I’m realising I’m in a catch-22 situation – if the Pies win the flag…then the Pies have won the flag, which all non-Collingwood supporters dread. If they don’t…you’re going to be inconsolably upset and I’m going to feel terrible about being relieved that the Pies haven’t won the flag.

  2. Rotten luck yesterday, Danni!

    But like I said: this was the wake-up call Collingwood needed. They’ll be firing now.

    Did you see the picture of Jack in today’s Herald Sun? Won’t cure the illness, but may treat the symptoms of pain, like a panadol.

    p.s. 17 (my favourite number, for obvious reasons) seems to be an unlucky number when it comes to the big sticks. In 2007, Shagga Byrnes (17) was statistically the most inaccurate player in the whole league. If the commentators yesterday are to be believed, that undesirable title now rests with another 17.

    On the plus side, look how Shagga turned things around! Bags of 4 or 5 are quite commonplace for him now, and last year he kicked something like 9 goals straight, over 2 games.

  3. Damian Watson says

    Great work Danni,

    Did anybody witness Mick Malthouse ridicule that young reporter in the Press Conference yesterday?

    Very disrespectful in my view.

  4. first off thanks for the comments guys and doll :)

    1- Adam, nah i dont have the iphone the follower whose tweet i retweeted does, lol.
    its nice to see you comming around, seeing that collingwood supporters can be nice :)

    2- Susie, after seeing ur comment i ran all the way to the closest milkbar to grab a HS!! no joke. Suddenly Panadol tates nice!! ;) scarey thing is he looks like hes flying..i knew it HE IS SUPERMAN!!! <3
    ps- lol 'shagga'

    3- Thanks Duckie, no i didnt see it but everytime our players made and error i was loving the look on Mick's face! Lol. i mean i know i shouldn't have been but who cares!! :)

  5. Good piece Danni,

    I was at the game and the atmosphere was ‘finals like’. When Dayne Beams missed that shot, half the crowd groaned and half cheered- thats how even it was.

    DW, Collingwood should fire up.

    BTW- Did anyone watch On the Couch last nite, Mic Malthouse was on, he is pretty cool away from the press conference. (he was actually smiling and laughing!)

  6. Dave Nadel says

    #6 Didn’t see the Press Conference, but saw Caroline Wilson’s outrage over Mick’s behaviour. My sympathies are with Mick. The coach is expected to be professional about his performances. Any reporter questioning him about his tactics and his team should be similarly professional. If you are going to send in work experience reporters who are not on top of the facts then the AFL clubs should send out junior club officials to post natch interviews. The senior coach is entitled to respect.

  7. 5-Hey Dom, thanks for the comment :)
    i woulda hated being there. i was even going to leave the room but i kinda knew he was going to miss, it was like getting a needle, you suck it up and get the pain over with.
    yeah hopefully they do fireup.

    6- Mick should be happy it wasnt me being the work experience reporter, god forbid i ask him how his adorable baby grandson is going. lol ;)

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