“Not Bad Thanks” – Graeme Willingham: Some thoughts, the critics, and an invite

What a fab read the first extract from Graeme Willingham’s new book, Not Bad Thanks, proved  to be for Almanac readers.


It certainly has whetted the appetites of  Almanackers who readily await  further extracts  from the book to be published.


And they’re coming!


Two more extracts will be published on the site over the next couple of weeks so look out  for them, especially the next installment featuring the trial and tribulations of Graeme’s team mate, the kissing Postie.


The  kissing Postie you ask?


You’ll have to read the extract to find out.


Or better still, why not come along to the forthcoming Almanac dinner featuring Graeme in conversation with John Harms, full details HERE.


Featured in Graeme’s book are many tales of  amusing, entertaining, and at times moving events about his rag tag bunch of  basketballer mates and their exploits  will form the focus of discussion between Graeme and John  in a Q & A interview format on the night.  These exploits about the Not Bad Thanks team overcoming their pitfalls to lift themselves from the bottom of the league ladder  to achieve success will guarantee  smiles and warm fuzzies for attendees.  Discussion  about Graeme’s extensive  and interesting career as a journalist, in the media and public relations will be an informative added bonus for patrons.


So don’t miss out, make a booking now, details  HERE


You can purchase Graeme’s book at the function, or from his web site, click HERE.


So what do the critics and reviewers think of Graeme’s book? Check out some of their thoughts below.


Gerard Whateley SEN 1116: “It’s fabulous! Graeme’s done a great job with this.”


Rafael Epstein, ABC Melbourne: “Love the book, not only because it’s well written, but also because it’s about things we don’t normally read about … all of us just actually having fun in a local sporting club.”



Camperdown Chronicle: “Willingham slam dunks first book”


Lindsay Gaze, Australia’s basketball legend: “Not Bad Thanks is worthy reading for anyone who has an interest in sport, especially the thousands who play for fun, yet compete for their version of glory. I expect readers, like me, will feel I would like to play on this team.”


Malcolm Speed AO: “A real gem … great story of mateship and sporting mayhem with the very occasional triumph.”


Chris Anstey: “A must read for all sportspeople — professional to Weekend Warriors.”


For details about the Almanac dinner with Graeme click HERE.


Read an extract from the book HERE


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