Nominations: Conversation of the Year.

I’d like to read your nomination for conversation of the year.


2019 has been extraordinary.


Here’s my nomination. It occurred whilst I was at a Special Olympics swimming session earlier this year. A new bloke (I’ll call him Kieran) came up to introduce himself. Kieran has Down Syndrome. He’s probably about 40 years old.


Kieran: “Hi I’m Kieran.”


Me: “Hi Kieran, I’m Damian. Nice to meet you.”


Kieran: “Do you think I look like Captain America?”



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About Damian O'Donnell

I'm passionate about breathing. And you should always chase your passions. If I read one more thing about what defines leadership I think I'll go crazy. Go Cats.


  1. John Butler says

    Had a customer come up to me and claim he was related to the Queen.

    Then produced a generic form letter from Buck Palace, thanking him for his correspondence. He said the fact the letter wasn’t signed was confirmation he was family, because a royal secretary would have signed the letter otherwise.

    Later on in the conversation, he also confirmed he hadn’t been taking his meds.

    That was no real surprise.

  2. Dips at a Norwood function this year let’s say a certain key administrator of a different club was at the advent
    Let’s say 2 of us started stirring him re ability to photo shop a beer and cigarette in to his hands
    Brenton and Malcolm I beg you the Port supporters wont see the funny side,we burst out laughing
    He replied you bastards by this stage laughing also
    Umpiring kids footy a youngster comes up to in a v sad tone,Don’t you like me ? You haven’t given me a nickname I admit I can’t remember what I called him but he ran off smiling

  3. Nice examples lads. Rulebook I like the kid without the nickname! When umpiring I suppose you need about 20 of them ready to go.

    I think its interesting that its usually the small conversations we have that stick, not the grand “important” ones.

  4. Dips, what was your answer to the question?

  5. Actually Smoke I told him he did look like Captain America. He said,

    “Thanks. A lot of people say that.”

    At the recent Christmas party he came up to me and said “Thanks for helping me during the year.”

    I replied “No worries Captain.”

    Then he said, “You don’t have to call me that anymore.”


  6. G’day Dips.
    Great topic.
    I have been very fortunate this year.

    Most weeks there would be conversations in my sphere around growth, spirituality, whether to lead with an off-suit ace, the meaning of life, the dog, nagging versus helpfully reminding.
    I started a daily practice of documenting small snippets of conversation.
    This was an exercise in mindfulness for me. Slowing down. I called it the #hourlydaily series.

    Probably a highlight from those was #189, from 12 November:

    Unidentified birds somewhere along the creek.
    -Wheeeah wheeeah wheeeah wheeeah tickatickaticka tockatoowoo.
    -Wheeeah wheeeah wheeeah wheeeah tickatickaticka tockatoowoo.

  7. G’day ER.

    Yes this is very much inspired by your contributions during the year, many of which I have read. Your nomination is a pearler. Who would have thought birds could be so insightful? Any human conversations of note?.

    Many of my favourite conversations have occurred in my weekly chats with people at or around Special Olympics. The honesty is very refreshing. But another one for me was quite recent:

    Me: “Gerry are you going to the Boxing Day Test.”
    Gerry: “Dips, is that a trick question?”

  8. Years ago a group of about 6 of us were fishing from the Outer Harbor wharf when a lad on a bicycle stopped for a short while to observe us.
    “Doing any good chaps”? he politely inquired.
    Quick as a flash Herb answered, “Well son, if I can catch 1 more, and then 2 after it, I’ll have 3”.
    Letting that sink in he came back with, “Do you actually expect to catch something”?
    “Oh sure”, replied Herb, “In my last drop in I very nearly had a bite”.
    Well that was enough for the lad and he pedaled off down the wharf.

  9. Sorry gang. My last piece didn’t (obviously) didn’t happen this year, but I believe the Almanacas might find it amusing. However, the requirement said “the Year’ not “this year”. That’s my (feeble) excuse anyway. Cheers

  10. Goddamned beautiful.

    Till Kieran’s offering, mine was ‘Don’t you want to be loving me?” by one of the contestants on “Love on the spectrum.” I cry tears of joy watching that show.

  11. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    GP: You’re probably due for a PSA test

    Swish: OK, sure.

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