Nick Kyrgios’ Attitudes at the Tennis Court

I am not sure when I heard Nick Kyrgios’ bad attitudes at the tennis court at the Men’s Single Quarter-Finalist Match of Australian Open – Sunday night or Monday morning (but it is not important). But his behaviours were not accepted.

However I can understand how he feels. I would like to express my thoughts from psychological sides and my experiences.

Kyrgios swore at spectators for using a phone at the arena. I guess he wanted to concentrate on playing and sounds (noises) of taking pictures might distracted and irritated him. It is understandable. Spectators might think it is okay to take pictures as they paid for tickets. But too much focus on social media (I guess that they take photos for social media platform to share pictures with their friends on sites) is not good. They should enjoy watching matches more.

Exchanging rallies in the centre of the court, Kyrgios slid into the right sideline, scared a ball boy and then he threw a racquet towards the court. He might tell umpires that he had given up catching the ball hit by Andreas Seppi (Italy). But I would not act like what Kyrgios has done in such circumstances.

Unfortunately I am unable to find out situations around the time when Kygios throw a racquet at the baseline. Probably he has been very stressed as he is only 19 and has less experience playing such a big Grand Slam.

As I ponder about individual players sharing their thoughts and emotion in other article, Kyrgios might not have enough opportunities to share thoughts of his performances with fellow professional tennis players. Also he might not have go through the path to be such a good player with his peer players that is opposed to what footy players have.

Also as I mentioned in another previous article, young footy players want to spend more time with their coaches. Living under the complicated world and with much expectations on athletes, he might needed to spend more time with his coach and/or mentor.

Former AFL player Barry Hall had anger issues and has been copped many times by Tribunal. One day Hall told The Footy Show that he did not like anger management, but if sport players have anger issues, they must seek professional help, because just being said ‘you have to overcome stress and anger’ never helps. Reasons and circumstances should be identified to manage anger. Indeed discussing with professionals is important.

I admit that I have had negative experience feeling stressed, depressed and lonely. I have sought professional help to improve skills in managing such emotion, but sadly medical people here in Japan are not willing to help me. Then such negative feelings are built up, instead decreasing.

What I am seeking is focusing on what I really like and enjoy doing to reduce stress. Also I am seeking situations where people can share thoughts and interests freely. I want to work with and for foreigners (western people) as well as socialising with them.

It is very sad to see tantrums on the eve of Australia Day. Australians feel negative on his action.

I would suggest Kyrgios to do psychological work to grow up. Also spectators need to respect players at the sport venues – being less on social media and do enjoy watching the game.

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  1. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    I would advise Nick Kyrgios to advise his family, via his psychologist, to stay well away from the media. Migrant families, Media and Australian Tennis players do not mix well. Philippousis – Tomic – Dokic – Not good records.

  2. G’day Phil,

    Wow it’s interesting to hear – but sorry for those people. I am curious to know more about them.



  3. I’m impressed by Kyrgios. He has passion, and plays to win. It’s good he’s firey, and if people aren’t happy with that, well that’s life. I’d hate to see certain meda pundits target his alleged behavour in the manner that Lleyton Hewitt has copped. I’ve read article after article from a group of journalists bemoaning Lleyton Hewitts on court demeanour, usually the same journalists who bemoan the Australian cricket team for their alleged indiscretions. For all those critics of Hewitt the undisputable reality is that he’s been our best male player in the last 40 years. It would be fantastic if Nick Kyrgios could be as good as him

    Come on Nick !


  4. Peter Schumacher says

    I sort of like Hewitt these days and thus it was a pleasure to see him playing in that first round game which he could have easily lost particularly after a terrible second set.

    Nevertheless it has taken ma a long time to come round to this view. For years I thought that he was a national sporting embarrassment and an oik to the first degree as well but now I totally respect him for his guts and commitment.

    Perhaps as he has gradually grown on me he has also toned down his court behavior a bit as well. In addition he also seems to be an absolute natural in his developing role as an experts commentator. I enjoy hearing what he has to say.

    Finally Yoshi, I am really finding your insights and the depth of knowledge you have developed to make your continuations required reading


    Peter S “The View From Shepparton”

    PS One big upset lst year I reckon was North Melbourne beating the Port Power in a match which whilst being in the very early part of the season still gave a bit of a shock to the Power juggernaut.

  5. G’day Glen and Peter,

    Thanks for your comments and thoughts on my writing and the issue.

    Glen – I forgot about media’s exaggerating reports. It’s very sad to see their negative comments and I think recent reports on Kyrgios is some of them. I agree with you that media needs respect to players. Also I think audiences of media products need not to take such exaggerating reports seriously. I admit I should have not taken too much from media or its Facebook posts. By the way, when I visited the Yahoo! 7 site to check emails this morning, I saw them (Channel 7) posting an article entitled ‘sexist female tennis stars.’ What a rubbish! They should focus on complimenting on good performances and showing sadness for losses of players.

    Peter – Thanks for your compliment on what I have been doing. I’m afraid that I hadn’t seen Lleyton Hewitt’s on filed behaviours. My memories of him were all he was a good tennis player. While he was younger, I didn’t follow Australian media so much comparing to these days. And thanks for your thought of upsetting. It was good for North Melbourne!

    Reading through comments, I realised that anger is not accepted in modern days. Then I remembered about Alastair Clarkson’s punching a hole at the MCG coach’s box back in 2012 (Round 17). 7 News captured his behaviour exclusively and a psychologist was speaking for the news bulletin. But a Collingwood fan backed Clarko because he thinks he was on spotlights and the behaviour was understandable as well as Mick Malthouse who was a Ch 7 commentator at the time. Their coverage could be reasonable because they collected opinions from both sides.

    I reckon anger would come from such exaggerating media reports and too much external expectations. Then players feel under the pressure too much. We all should know there are some limits even if pushing limits is good.

    Thanks for your comments to you and Phil. I learned a lot through reading your thoughts. I need to see things from different angles and to be reasonable for myself.



  6. Hi Phil again,

    I tried to figure out what was going on between immigrants, media an Australian tennis players, but was not able to find any news source. It would be much appreciated if you are able to show me some news. Thank you!

    I learned that Kyrgios’ dad was Greek and mum was Malaysian. His family is very international.

    Maybe his mum speaks too much to media??



  7. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Hi Yoshi,
    Just google ‘Damir Dokic’ . Many uncomfortable truths will emanate thereafter. Cheers

  8. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for your advice and I have Googled ‘Damir Dokic’. Shocking details were found… He ruined reputations of tennis. I would ban him from the court.



  9. Where is Damir now ? He was certainly an intriguing character !


  10. G’day Glen,

    I googled him, but was unable to find any fresh news source about him. Sorry I cannot help you…


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