Next They’ll Be Telling Us That NSW Are Going To Win Origin


The ANZ Netball Championship has just released its All-Star team, and despite losing only a single game all season, only one Queenslander has made the cut.

You would have to be kidding.

The best player in the world – Firebirds and Australian captain Laura Geitz – has been left out in favour of Diamonds team-mate Julie Corletto. No disrespect to Corletto, but that’s like leaving JT out of the Kangaroos team in favour of Mitchell Pearce; or dropping Le Bron to the NBA All-Star Bench so Russell Westbrook can get a start.

Puh-lease. Next they’ll be telling us that Catherine Latu is the hottest player in the league.

Romelda Aiken – who has netted 601 goals this season – has been snubbed too, which at least makes some sense. After all, if you are going to drop the best fullback in the AFL, you may as well drop Buddy Franklin too. Why would you want the best shooter in your All-Star team when you can have the second best?

In a way it’s fitting that Caitlin Bassett – the Kurt Tippett of netball – has taken Buddy Romelda’s place anyway, given that the second best kick in the game’s sister plays second fiddle to the best shooter in the Firebird’s team. I’m not quite sure how Kurt’s sister Gretel got left out either, but selecting 4 of the second-placed Swifts ahead of the table-topping Firebirds is a mystery in itself, and what place do we have to question the unknown?

If the truth be told we should really just say a big THANK YOU to the All-Star selectors, for coming into the finals what better motivation could the girls in Maroon get than being kicked in the teeth by the fans who picked the All-Star team? Laura’s girls were already going to win the final by 4 goals – now we’ll thrash the Cockroaches by a dozen.

Queenslander! Queenslander!

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  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I think that this was a “voted for by the people” team Archie rather than a posse of appointed selectors. At least I hope that is the excuse.

    The Kiwis are probably bleating about only having one rep – maybe they were all queuing up at the public library to get on the internet and vote.

    The new conference and finals format might ensure that the best two teams play off in the final, but not necessarily from the best four.

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