New Geelong Supporter

As announced, Evie Grace is the newest addition to the Harms clan, as well as the newest member of the Almanac.

Congratulations to the Handicapper (who we presume did most of the work) and to John.

If you wish to send your regards, here’s an opportunity.

As we are a classy website, we’ll entertain no crass humour about grunt-work or hard-ball-gets thank you.


  1. John Butler says

    How soon can she replace Gazza?

    Congratulations to all the Harmses. :)

  2. It means the Cats are certainties to win the flag this year.

  3. Dave Nadel says

    Congrats to you and Susan, John. You will now be able to sign letters to the Editor “Father of Three.”

  4. Alovesupreme says

    Congratulations John; the Handicapper and you clearly have a talent for this.
    Can we also assume that with the baby bonus and maternity leave funds, you will be in an even stronger position to terrorise those punters on the opposite side of your Betfair activities?

  5. :) congrats!
    Another little Harms to run around during writing seminars :)

  6. Doing the Maths, John, she’s not VOBIS qualified. No doubt, though, more black type to come in your progeny.

  7. Congrats to you and the Handicapper, JTH

  8. Congratulations to John, Susan, Theo and Anna.

    The question has to be asked, JTH: have you played Stevie Wright’s Parts I, II and III to her yet?

  9. Congratulations. Every time a new Harms arrives Geelong win the Premiership. Keep up the good work John and Susan. Welcome Evie….& Go Cats!

  10. Peter Schumacher says

    So every time a new arrival arrives as it were, Geelong win a premiership. The moral of the story is?… Congratulations on the arrival of Evie Grace.

  11. Nice one John. Congratulations.

  12. Great news once again, John.

    Congratulations to you all.

    The hopes of a promising season for our boys just rose exponentially on the back of your blessed arrival.

    I shared the joy of parenthood and a premiership in ’07 and ’09 – will have to begin planning to get back into stride for next year. Cats flags back to back would end the era in style…

    Keep the faith,

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