Neil Kerley at 80 (from SA 7.30)

Mike Sexton’s interview with Neil Kerley on his 80th birthday.

About Michael Sexton

Michael Sexton is a freelance journo in SA. His scribblings include "The Summer of Barry", "Chappell's Last Stand" and the biography of Neil Sachse.


  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Lesson #1 – attack, attack, attack

    Lesson #2 – your wife is always right

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Mike yes there is a lot to be learned from the great man although he did make 1 stuff up re the signing of , Darren Jarman when the crows started up ( I agree with Kerls principles that a hand shake and word should be enough ) but should have got his signature on paper , Hawthorn out trumped Kerls on that occasion

  3. Great man. Great interview. He looks more 65 than 80. I loved his statement about ‘never going defensive again – after blowing the 3QT lead against Port’s in the 64 Second Semi.’ But he is realistic about dog eat dog of modern AFL – save for Geelong and the Crows (local patriotism?)
    The footage of him at the West Adelaide flag win in the 80’s is priceless. I had left Adelaide by then, so hadn’t seen it. By then he had sold his services to so many clubs – but his heart was still with the Blood N Tars.
    Priceless. Gave me chills watching it. Thanks Mike.

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