My current bucketlist

I want to travel.
I want to do good things as a volunteer.
I want to live and work outside of Australia for one year, sometime in the rest of my life.
I want to learn a musical instrument… the violin will do.
I want go to the gym in the mornings, not at night.
I want to go from XXXL to XL.
I want to attend all four days of a Sheffield Shield match at the new Adelaide Oval.
I want to attend every session of an Adelaide Writers’ Week.
I want to attend every session of an Adelaide Film Festival.
I want to go to the Mildura Writers’ Week.
I want to go to the Balaklava Cup.
I want to go to the Parndana Country Show.
I want to go to Noumea.
I want to drive around New Zealand.
I want to deepfry oysters in batter in my kitchen.
I want to go to Darwin and see the football at Bathurst Island.
I want to study pure mathematics at the University of the Third Age.
I want Tanya Plibersek to be Prime Minister for at least two terms.
I want to walk into the scrub at the top of Lynton for two days and two nights and sleep in the huts.
I want to walk from Mount Lofty to Bridgewater.
I want to grow a beard for six months, only.
I want to go to either Greenland or Antarctica.
I want to be able to continue to read Bob Ellis. That’s almost impossible.
I want Molly Meldrum to survive and St Kilda to win a premiership for him.


  1. Pamela Sherpa says

    G ‘day John. Sounds like you have plenty of things to do to keep you out of trouble over there in S.A
    Poor old Molly certainly did some damage didn’t he? . Here’s hoping he recovers and the Saints come good for him.

  2. John Kingsmill says

    Not enough things in that list, Pamela.
    I want to take you our for dinner one night.

  3. Pamela Sherpa says

    Invitation accepted John. Would love to catch up on all the SA footy news.. Hopefully at an Almanac launch next year.

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