My 2015 footy season: a Dons supporter in cognito?

My Football Season


This has been the most difficult football season I have ever had to face.

The previous couple of years have had a profound influence on my support for the Dons. The way the drugs saga dragged on and on, and even now after I suppose people believe it’s all finally over, I’m left with a sour taste.

I wrote to the Chairman of the Essendon Football Club on three occasions last year asking where were the funds for all the court challenges were coming from? Did it mean that the many community programs run by the club would be cut? Did it mean that the great indigenous sporting initiatives that the club is famous for would be cut?

Did he deign to send me a reply to my three letters?  No.

I was also deeply concerned how James Hird, one of my absolute heroes, could take off to France with a pocket full of dollars for the best part of 2014.  Just imagine if he’d gone off for a few weeks at a time to remote indigenous communities.

And what about the future health of these young men who were subjected to a regime of injections, dreamt up by “sporting chemists” enthusiastically supported by the coach? Remember, “Whatever it takes”.

My love for the Essendon Football Club goes back over four generations. My great grandfather was always up at the club doing odd jobs around the club rooms in the 1890’s. My grandfather and grandmother, lovingly known as Nana and Da, had Essendon blood in their veins. Their neighbours and friends were Essendon footballers and supporters.

My mum was so one-eyed that if an Essendon player went to another club it was regarded as a treasonable offence. She didn’t have a second club in the VFL unless it was Essendon seconds. If the Dons lost on a Saturday we didn’t listen to the footy shows on radio that night or read the reports in the Herald or Sporting Globe.

So this year, the first time for years and years I did not rejoin the Essendon Football Club.

I have seen three games in 2015 for two wins and a loss. Unfortunately the loss was against Collingwood. I go to the footy without any hint as to who I might barrack for. No sign of the old heritage cap and scarf that have been there for decades.

I still support the players and really want them to do well. So when I go, I guess you could call me a Don tragic in disguise, and that’s the way it will be for 2015, barracking quietly.


Rod Oaten



  1. I’m with you Rod. I go to Essendon games and it’s just not the same anymore. And don’t start me on the hypocrisy of subjecting the players to a ‘pharmacologically experimental environment’ only to then use the ‘Back our Boys’ as a PR rallying call.

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Rod and Steve the common sense and remorse from you 2 over this whole saga unfortunately does not grow on trees re most bomber supporters

  3. Neil Anderson says

    I don’t want to even think about the Essendon saga happening at my Club.
    My first reaction would be to finish supporting the Club but definitely not barrack for another one.
    My second thought would be to continue to support the players only and wait for the current administration to disappear and regard it as Just a bad footnote in the Club’s history.

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