Mosquito fleet helps Bombers soar

The “refugee” from Jersey rang me up earlier in the week to see if I was free to go and see the Dons take on Brisbane. Not a lot was on for me, so the answer was a quick yes.  Now I don’t have a lot of love for the Emptyhead Stadium behind Spencer Street  Railway Station, and my feelings for the ground weren’t  improved when I saw all the building taking place, between the rail lines and the ground. I read  that the Dockland precinct is not actually taking off, so I don’t know how a few more hundred apartments will improve matters all that much.

How I feel for all those old Fitzroy supporters. I noticed quite a few in their old jumpers as I waited for the “refugee” before the game. How they must miss not watching their old team in the AFL.  They can of course watch the real Fitzroy playing in the Ammos on their old home ground each Saturday. As a matter of fact I did watch them last Saturday, when they had a close win over Marcellin in Premier C section.  And there were a few of the old Fitzroy stars  watching the game, notably  Kevin Murray who enjoyed having a chat to everyone.

A quick drink and we get to our seats as the ball was about to be bounced. Just in time to see the new “improved” Brisbane jumper. I’d like to know who this “designer  genius” is, it looks like someone is doing something improper to the poor animal’s rear end. But back to the footy, the Dons  mean instant business, within a few minutes Stewart Crameri had a couple, and Sam Lonergan  and Jake Melksham had one each. Brisbane looked hopeless, dropping chest marks, fumbling and kicking poorly, not that that bothered me one little bit. Essendon were combining magnificently, Tom Bellchambers was dominating the ball ups and the Dons had loose men everywhere.  Dyson Heppell obviously hadn’t had a shower before the game as no Brisbane player wanted to get near him so he constantly kicked the ball into the Essendon forward line and they didn’t let him down.  Brisbane scored four goals late in the quarter but it seemed unconvincing. At quarter time the Dons were up by 26 points.

Second quarter and the Dons continued dominating, Tom Bellchambers, Ben Howlett, Brett Stanton, Jobe Watson, you could name all the team, seemed to have all the time in the world to do their thing. The only Brisbane players that showed any spark was a new player called Jake Crisp (good name that), Jared Polec , Jonathan Brown and recently retired Footscray player Ben Hudson. But they were ineffective against the will and might of Essendon who added 4 goals 6 ( should have been more), to Brisbane’s 3 goals 3.  At the big break Essendon up by 35 points.

The second half continued the same way, I would never say it was boring, but for those who were looking forward to a contest I’m sure were disappointed. I loved the way our exciting modern day “mosquito fleet” in Alwyn Davey and Leroy Jetta chased with explosive speed , causing great concern to any Brisbane defender who may have accidentally been landed with the footy. Not only that, they kicked goals . Up at the other end Dustin Fletcher, Courtney Dempsey, and Nathan Lovett-Murray were impassable. Sorry Kyle Hardingham, Cale Hooker and Heath Hocking you were great too. At three quarter time the Dons had added 6 goals 3 to Brisbane’s one solitary major.  Essendon by 66.

If there had been “sympathy rule” they would have let Brisbane go home early, but no, The Dons continued to dominate, they had winners all over the ground.  I noticed that every time Essendon scored a goal the Brisbane players gathered  together, probably planning what night club they would go to after the game. A bit of a worry during the last quarter was when they took Stewart Crameri off with a knee problem, I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s not serious. When the final siren sounded the Dons had added another three goals three to Brisbane’s one goal four. The Dons winners by 67 points, more than doubling Brisbane’s score and an accurate picture of a one sided game. May we have many more in 2012.

Essendon   19.15 129

Brisbane       9. 8  62

Best Players:

Essendon:  Stanton, Watson, Lonergan, Heppell, Bellchambers, Zaharakis (forgot to mention him in my summary) Jetta and Davey.

Brisbane:   Brown, Hudson, Crisp and the lady with Bears scarf.



  1. Disappointed you didn’t make more of an effort to describe the effort, attitude and in and under hard ball gets the lady in the Bears scarf put in to get amongst the best afield for the trying Lions…

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