Monday morning, June.

Something is missing. I can’t pick it.

Cold morning. The Big Issue seller at North Melbourne station must be feeling it. Should I shout him a coffee? Nah. I’m sure the blokes who run the caf there look after him. A coffee and a muffin. 3 sugars. They’d charge him two bucks. He’s a teammate, not a charity case.

Football Ltd is a good read. It’s an older book now, but I was 10 when I first got a copy. Mum said I wouldn’t like it, but it had a Sherrin on the cover. The tram will be loud and the seats are awkward, and the trip is fast. Not worth getting on and off for. I’ll walk the last leg and read. Tim Lane has just found out the ABC have lost the broadcast, and then his missus has left him. He’s off to Europe.

In 2009 when the Cats came back against the Mustard Pots (Jimmy kicked a point after the siren; that’s all it needed) Tim wrote that they would win the flag. I remember getting shivers reading it from the comfort of Nana’s recliner. She never sits in it anyway.

“If, as Jack Dempsey put it, a champion is someone who gets up when he can’t, the Cats have earned their stripes. In overcoming such adversity, they might also have provided an insight into how deep last year’s grand final loss really cut.”

He continues.

“It was a defining day in the Cats’ 2009 campaign. The gap between Geelong and the rest has closed. Considering they couldn’t win the premiership last year, some will conclude that they can’t win it this year. But I’m sticking with Geelong.”

Tim has earned his stripes, I reckon. I wonder what the future holds for him.

There’s some players visiting the hospital today. Some from Geelong, some from Hawthorn. I ask one of the kids if he wants to meet one.
Mum doesn’t think he’d be interested. Fair enough.

The cleaners upstairs have a wall covered with photos of themselves and “famous” people. Delta Goodrem, Guy Sebastian, an Oscar winner, someone from ABBA. The cleaners are smiling politely, on their best behavior.

One shot in particular always catches my eye. Two cleaners and a dopey looking fella with shaggy long hair in between ’em. All laughing. Someone said something silly. Maybe one of the cleaners suggested something to him. She asked for a kiss, maybe? I reckon he gave her one after the shot was taken.

I know what’s missing.

Tomorrow will be chilly. A cold snap is on the way. Another month till the players come again. Hopefully I can find a nearby kid who is interested in meeting them then.

In the back pages of the Herald, there’s a photo of Fev looking a little different.

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