Mixed feelings about Power

I have been an Adelaide based Essendon supporter for the last 20 years.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to go off and slash my wrists if Essendon loses, nor do I go berserk when they win.  I like to think of myself as a football supporter, rather than a rabid one eyed can’t-tell-me-anything type.

However…after a year long battle with cancer and feeling that the last thing I wanted to do was to go to the footy, I decided this year I was going to get right back into it.  I want to see as much footy as I can – local SANFL, and AFL and on the TV I have started watching the  WAFL and VFL replays.  I’ve got the ‘bug’ again.  But here lies the rub – I asked my wife if she would like to come with me, to which she replied “Yes.”  I thought that the only way to see as many teams as possible play would be to join one of the local AFL clubs or become an AAMI stadium member.  My wife wasn’t keen on becoming a Crows member as she was born and raised in Woodville – Port Power Territory.

So, after weighing up the pros and cons, and checking that I was not wearing any red and black,  I summonsed all my courage and walked into the Port Adelaide Club and signed my wife up as a member, providing her details in whispered tones.  It was something that I thought I would never do, as Port in Adelaide is seen rather like Collingwood in Victoria – it’s the team that you love to hate.  In fact, the standing joke is “I barrack for Essendon and any team that plays Collingwood”.

But sign her up I did.  Interestingly, there seems to be a new feeling around Port Adelaide now.  It doesn’t feel as “Porty” if that makes sense.  Even I, as a non-Port supporter feel a sense of anticipation this year – not because the Power have played and won one match (against Melbourne) but they appeared to play more cohesively and smoothly.  People I have spoken to are starting to rate them as contenders – not to put the mockers on them – for some serious challenges this year.  And do you know what?  I hope they do well with a new coach, new captain, new board members and new supporters (insert wife’s name).

It’s not because I’ve gone soft that I say this, but because I enjoy a good game of footy.  My darling Port member and I are going to watch the Power play GWS this Saturday night.  GWS did quite well against their cross-town rival the Swans, and I hope that they too will have a good season.  No-one likes to see their team get kicked off the park – we go to see good footy!

I hope that is what we are going to get.

About Mark Seja

Now retired after working in the public sector for 38 years. With more time on my hands I have re-kindled my interest and love for Australian Rules Football. I call it this because it's not only the AFL that is important to me but grass roots football also. My local league, the SANFL in which I support the mighty Eagles, is the one I grew up with and I remember going to some wonderful games when you could reach out and touch the players and smell the liniment. Fortunately this still holds true, but the players seem to be a lot younger!


  1. Mark, welcome aboard. It is interesting whether making the place “less Porty” (I know what you mean) will be of much benefit. How far do you go without losing something important? Clearly something had to be done – I have a feeling that if you put a team on the park that has a go and has some success, that’s the best way to sell a club.

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