Mitch and Scooter the toast of snappy Uni win

The tools were packed, the plans were in place and like US prospectors of the 19th century or semi-skilled Victorian tradies of the 21st century, the Blacks were headed west to seek their fortune. Whilst the prospect of catching the Bus of Destiny was a juicy one, your columnist prefers the rhythmic sounds of the myki reader, the beeping doors and the exasperation of the elderly. The trip was an enjoyable one. Unlike this space’s predecessor, The Black Hack has an affection for the wider spaces of the outer suburbs, and as the train reached the end of the line, the scent of the contest was palpable.

In the 11:40 match-up, the game was over as a contest reasonably quickly. With the sides at separate ends of the ladder, and with Lukey O’s team containing a large number of players with senior experience, this was always going to be as lop-sided as the gender balance in the old Clyde front bar.

What was worth noting, however, was the selfless nature of the team’s play. No-one typified this more Matty Dornauf. It is fair to say that Matty enjoys contested play as much as Yeoy and Daz enjoy pea soup on their meat pie. Another man who loves the tight stuff is Cam Turner. As a passionate Cats fan, Cam has clearly modelled his game on ex-great Garry Hocking. Whether we’ll soon be seeing our boy sporting a curly mullet and answering to the name of Snappy Tom remains to be seen.

Two others to players to shine like a Bondi morning were Mitch Aitken and Scooter Myers. The Blacks’ resident Chardonnay Sippers showed all the passion that they normally channel into their social committee duties, along with the skill they usually reserve for their event post-mortems with Spud, Clyde Hotel Manager.

With a forthcoming clash against an accomplished Old Brighton side, this was a great chance for the twos to find some form. The fact that the team combined so well can only mean good things.

The post-game discussions were somewhat muted with two Blackers – Ross and Jack Heeley – suffering serious injuries. All club members wish them well.

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Werribee Districts 0.2.2 1.4.10 2.4.16 5.8.38
Uni Blacks 8.1.49 10.3.63 17.13.115 19.19.133

Goal Kickers: Gaylor 4, Holt 3, Steadman 3, Dornauf 2, Woods 2, Myers, Jesse, Bismire, Clarke, Kalms

Bes: Dornauf, Aitken, Myers, Turner, Guthrie, Holt


The 2pm game was a contest between 3rd and 4th and the game was pumped up accordingly. Being keen for the best view possible, your narrator found the best positioning to be on top of the cricket nets in the forward pocket. Whilst it was an effort to get up there, spare a thought for new recruit Pete O’Rourke, who was perched high in his official capacity as club cameraman. The fact that he was able to not only get up there, but to also set up the camera and tripod, whilst sporting a ‘moon boot’ was all the more impressive.

Given that Werribee are a newly-promoted club and were playing on their home ground, a fierce contest was tipped. This prediction was spot on as both sides threw themselves towards the loose ball, the hard ball and the actual ball. It was only through a couple of late goals that The Blacks were able to be in front at the first break.

As the second quarter wore on, the boys from the Uni seemed to be getting the upper hand. Out of nowhere though, Werribee fought back and came to within two goals. It should come as no surprise that the suburb that spawned test cricket’s Merv Hughes would produce such dogged opposition. Again, some late Black goals were the key to the quarter, the last of which brought back memories of big Merv’s clean bowling of Mike Gatting on the last ball of the day at Old Trafford in ’93.

Whilst both sides jogged off the ground at the long break, the PA system advised all and sundry that afternoon tea was to be served. One can only hope that this technological innovation will make its way to the Uni Main. If only so club stalwart Andy Smith can announce the arrival of the scones at the main change, and then break into a rendition of the club song post-match.

The second half carried on in the same vein as the first, with The Blacks just doing enough to maintain their lead. There were plenty of contributors, with first year player John Delahunty leading the charge. Dela combined the grace of a gazelle with the poise of another tired football metaphor.

One factor assisting the Werribee side was the passionate home support. It’s fair to say that Cookie may have to sculpt his facial hair into a Merv-like mo to increase his popularity out west. Whilst some players prefer to play the villain, others just have to please everyone. Typically, Charlie Richardson entertained all in attendance with a celebratory post-goal high five to the Blacks faithful before falling boot-over-curl onto his backside to the delight of the Tiger army. As I looked down to note this in my pad, I’m sure I heard Pete O’Rourke quietly observe, “can play, can’t celebrate”.

With two wins in the bag, the Blacks boarded The Buses of Destiny and headed back up the highway. There’s no doubt that the boys enjoyed each other’s company, but the extra trips to Werribee Zoo, Wiiliamstown beach, Scienceworks and Footscray Market were probably unnecessary.

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Werribee Districts 1.2.8 5.3.33 7.4.46 12.6.78
Uni Blacks 4.3.27 9.7.61 12.9.81 18.14.122


Goals: Lacey 4, Foster 3, Cook 3, Slabbert 2, Matthews, Mahon, Weekley, Lahy, Richardson, Drysdale

Best: Delahunty, Mahon, Flight, Willingham, Drysdale, Richardson

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