Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Lopez Basavilbaso – The Argentinian Rugby Player who Became a Local Footy Legend

On a warm February day, an Argentinian rugby player studying psychology at the University of Melbourne thought he’d have a go at Australian rules before signing up for Rugby. Thus began Ignacio Lopez-Basavilbaso’s love affair with our game. The Black Hat sits down with ‘Nacho’ to learn more. [A brilliant story! ¡Felicidades- Ed]

Melbourne Uni Blacks Win VAFA Premier Division Title for First Time in 40 Years

Quietly jubilant, The Black Hack writes a delightful report of the VAFA Premier Division Grand Final.

Vote 1 Uni Blacks – From the Mallee to Perth

As the Blacks fans streamed into Elsternwick on Sunday, each had their own take on the events of the previous day. With many being followers of footy and politics, some were celebrating wins, some were dealing with defeat and many oscillated between the two. A conservative Pies fan (yes, we have a few) would be [Read more]

Uni Blacks v Uni Blues – Blacks Break Through

Whilst much of the pre-game talk had focused on the comeback of the opposition’s gun forward and former coach, Fergus Watts, the Blacks had one of their own returning from a hiatus – water-carrier Phil.

Grand Final bliss as Blacks jump the Shark

The Black Hack awakes from a dual premiership celebration-induced slumber to post his recollections of a memorable day for the Melbourne Uni Blacks in the Ammos Grand Final.

Blacks Clinch ’12 GF Spot and ’13 A-Grade Berth

NO PROBLEM FOR OLD MEN AS EXPERIENCED BLACKERS GET THROUGH TO GF They say that love can make music sound sweeter and food taste better. Whilst your narrator is not normally prone to such sentimentality, a similar feeling came over me as I carved through my sweet and sour pork whilst Rose Tattoo’s ‘We Can’t [Read more]

VAFA: History counts for little as Drysdale exposes ‘Hoers Tail

With Melbourne Uni Blacks progressing steadily towards the grand final in both grades, the Black Hack gets misty at memories of previous close finishes.

Ammos: No walk in park for SKOBs as Blacks post victory

Regular readers of this column would probably be aware that its author is a creature of habit when it comes to his days at the footy. Like the pensioner who pays his bills at the post office or the ticket inspector who goes straight to the students, your narrator is one who likes to stick [Read more]

Blacks spin a win as Pitt rises from the mud

BACKS SOLID AS A ROCK LOBSTER After a final week of Olympics-gazing, your narrator was thoroughly looking forward to his Saturday ritual of following the Black and Blue (and black shorts and socks) across Melbourne. As I began my journey, I began to consider all of the venues I’ve visited and the feelings that each [Read more]

Slab Masks the Media Storm as Blacks Beat Jackas

CRAMERI’S GOLDEN PERFORMANCE GETS BLACKS THE ‘V’ Dressing oneself for a day at the football can be a tricky task. Whilst in the dead of winter one can throw on a series of layers with confidence, the remaining rounds of the season can bring a sprinkling of sunshine that can make a true Melburnian wary. [Read more]

Kempo pulls the driver out as Blacks stretch lead from Rosehill to Belmont

ROBBO DOES IT ALL AS BLACKS TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS For not the first time this season, my trip to the Uni for the curtain raiser was an alluring one. With marquee names like Foster and Lacey having donned the Black and Blue at 11:40 in previous weeks this year, it seemed like the depth [Read more]

Blacks fail to bounce back as Bloods loss cuts deep

BLOODS SPEARED BY RUSTY NAIL AS BLACKS GRAB INFECTIOUS VICTORY Although most local footy fans in Melbourne would have been rejoicing at the sight of brilliant sunshine last Saturday morning, your correspondent was unfortunately feeling the pinch.  After a heavy week of overnight sports viewing including Tour De France, Australia v England cricket and Wimbledon, [Read more]

Drysa White Hot as Blacks Jump to Top Spot

SKOBS RISE ABOVE THE BLACKS’ MOONLIGHT CLOUD Whenever the Blacks come up against St Kevins, there is a flurry of pre-match correspondence. Players from both teams receive messages from friends and family during the week that convey how deeply important a win would be to their respective club. In the lead-up to this week’s instalment, the [Read more]

Day draped in disappointment as Sharks bite Blacks

MAGOOS REFLECT ON THE SEVENTH The long weekend bye provided all players the opportunity to take a break and reflect on deeds done. The notion of reflection is one that was prominent in the household of your narrator whilst growing up. Every Sunday my Mother would take us to morning mass where we were instructed [Read more]

Blacks hold on as Snake roams the grass

LUKEY O JUBILANT AS TWOS OUTSHINE ‘HOERS There was no finer place to be in Melbourne last Saturday than at the home venue of Old Ivanhoe Grammarians. Whilst Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee celebrations were dampened by inclement weather, it would no doubt comfort the Monarchists to hear that an inner Melbourne park named after a picturesque [Read more]

Uni reigns as Foz and Biz drill them home

BLACKS SEASON FLICKERS AS GUTTERS STAYS STRONG IN THE WET As I hunch over my antique desk, illuminated only by a flickering candle and the fading light of autumn through my velvet curtains, an intriguing contest is unfolding on the television behind me. In the brilliant West Australian sunshine, two teams with finals aspirations have [Read more]

Mitch and Scooter the toast of snappy Uni win

The tools were packed, the plans were in place and like US prospectors of the 19th century or semi-skilled Victorian tradies of the 21st century, the Blacks were headed west to seek their fortune. Whilst the prospect of catching the Bus of Destiny was a juicy one, your columnist prefers the rhythmic sounds of the [Read more]