Mike Sexton’s 7.30 piece on John Coleman

John Coleman is regarded as one of the great talents of footy.

Recently Doug Ackerley published a biography of Coleman. (Available by contacting us – [email protected])

Also, new film footage of Coleman has been discovered.

Mike Sexton reported on this Coleman coincidence for 730. Watch here

About Michael Sexton

Michael Sexton is a freelance journo in SA. His scribblings include "The Summer of Barry", "Chappell's Last Stand" and the biography of Neil Sachse.


  1. aussie80s says

    I have long been fascinated by old football footage and have been collecting it for many years but, on the whole, just find video recordings from the 1980’s as the earlier material rarely ever surfaces. Ted Waterford produced some nice colour football footage from around this era and in the 60’s and 70’s Rothman’s did as well before the advent of colour TV. Apart from that there is very little.

    I had previously seen a short segment of this film which is on a Footscray 1954 compilation piece but it is nice to see more of the footage, particularly of Coleman.

    It’s funny that all the footage I have ever seen of Coleman shows him generally fumbling and dropping marks. I was hoping when I heard that new footage had emerged that we would get to see what a champion he was. Unfortunately the film camera still does not seem kind to him. Nevertheless it was fantastic to see this.

  2. Neil Anderson says

    Fantastic to see the Bulldogs featured and particularly to see our heroes, Charlie Sutton, Ted Whitten and Herb Henderson having a rare win against a sick Coleman.
    Good to see Charlie show a good turn of pace through the centre, when he was known for the tough stuff playing in the back-pocket.

  3. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Mike Greatly appreciated while we all would have loved to see the Coleman magic which is legendary it was fascinating footage

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