Middle Australia Comments on Cricket and the Winter Olympics


If Graeme Smith blames the pitch for Mitchell Johnson’s success, why did he elect to  bowl first on a wicket that was going to deteriorate?

  • I suspect the Australian selectors are hoping that Watto is unfit for the next test. Otherwise they have a selection headache
  • Shaun Marsh would feel aggrieved to get nearly 200 runs and not win Man of the Match
  • Dave Warner must stop jumping into the air and kissing his helmet upon getting a century. Why? Because its straight out of the Michael Slater play book


Subjective sports are always in the sights at Middle Australia.  We put up with them because in the real Olympics there is a fairly low number of them. However in the Ole-Lympics there are a greater proportion of them and it seems even in objective pursuits there now needs to be a form criteria.  Let’s face it: we can tell who is the fastest runner, the highest jumper, the farthest thrower. We can’t be sure who is the best looking whilst performing and it never used to matter. In the ski-jump there is a style component. Not sure it matters as the aim is to jump as far as one can, not be pretty in doing it. There are enough champions who haven’t had a pretty style who have been Gold medallists. If aesthetics were the criteria then Federer would be given the win over Nadal even time regardless of the result.

With luck playing such a part in these pursuits, form being only a guide, and having to look pretty whilst performing to win, it’s hard to be dismissive of their leisure pursuits.
The Editor


  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Spot on re all the cricket points and along with the Knackery hoping Watto is unfit .
    The majority of the winter olympics seems to be subjective opinion based judgement which smacks of possibilities of corrupt bookies getting involved
    Thanks Middle Australia

  2. Middle Australia: do you live in Alice Springs? Will you report on Geelong v Melbourne?

  3. Who needs bookies involved? Wasn’t too far back that the Russian and Canadian judges did a quid pro quo deal.

    It’s interesting that people who don’t enjoy ‘sportsing’* can get emotionally involved in the ice dancing/figure skating and make comments on the judging being under and/or over-scored. At least they are involved. Although it begs the question from where does this instant experterness on a sport that the closest they have come to understanding of is a couple of laps around the Acacia Ridge ice rink for a pre-teen birthday party and a short phase of roller disco in Ipswich.

    *I’m talking about my wife…

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Should I take up shares in this joint?

    “Located in Oakleigh South, the Olympic Ice Skating Centre is your local ice rink. A place for the whole family to come and have fun. Come down and enjoy our public skating sessions with ample free parking and free skate hire.

    Olympic Ice Skating Centre also offers a range of programs for people of any age and skating ability to learn figure skating, ice hockey and speed skating.

    We are at 1080 Centre Rd Oakleigh South (next to the GlassKote spaceship building) you can get here by public transport on the 703 bus or the 733 bus which both stop directly in front of the ice rink. Our Melway reference is map 78 G2, UBD reference Map 346 F2 or find us on Google maps by typing Olympic Ice Skating Centre.”

  5. Middle Australia says

    John Harms,

    We aren’t far from Alice Springs. Using the Lambert Gravitational method to determine Middle Australia we are about 150km SSE from Alice Springs near the South Australian border. As such it shouldn’t be too difficult to get up to Traeger Park for the big Cats v Demons clash. Not sure how the Melbourne supporters will get their Range Rovers there as they aren’t used to going off-road or out of the suburbs for that matter.

    The Chairman

  6. Middle Australia says


    Mortgage the house and put all your money in the Oakleigh South, Olympic Ice Skating Centre. It sounds exotic and if it doesn’t start producing Winter Olympic champions by the blizzard full then it could become a holiday resort for the rich and famous.

    The Chairman

  7. Steve Baker says

    Straya mate!

    We’re legends at sports eh!

    What’s with that poxy thing they do wif brooms and a spinnin’ top eh?

  8. It isn’t sport if you apply make-up and it is in the same condition at the end of the event.

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