Michael Gleeson Article on Justin Westhoff’s Business

An article by Michael Gleeson in today’s Age profiles the business venture of Port Adelaide player Justin Westhoff and Scott Rogasch: both of whom grew up in the Barossa Valley. The Barossa, famous for its vineyards, has a strong Lutheran tradition which values self-sufficiency. Westhoff and Rogasch are clearly onto something here as their business taps into ideas of sustainability and engaging with one’s community.

Westhoff it seems is continuing the tradition of being a footy player and a farmer.


Swish has documented the players who were also teachers. Previously, players needed supplementary incomes to whatever they earned through footy. These days, it seems an increasing number of players are becoming more savvy as how to transition successfully from their professional footy career to post-footy life.


Read Gleeson’s article: here.


Rogasch and Westhoff’s Forage Supply Co




What are some of the ways in which footy players are transitioning successfully to careers post-footy?


What is the relationship between elite sport and sustainability?



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  1. Peter Warrington says

    he is a gem.

    potentially our own Nev Southall – check the Guardian.

    I bumped into Goodesy at Town Hall the other week. Q: how’s retirement? A: “loving it!”

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