Memorial: a suggestion from writer Jim Young

I note that Hughes’ family have said they want the First Test next week to be played as scheduled.  I take this to mean they think he would have wanted it too.

In all the to and fro about whether to play or not, I am surprised no one has suggested it be officially named “The Philip Hughes Memorial Test”.  I can think of nothing that could give the family more pride and consolation in their grief such an honour.

You must know someone who could push the idea.  And it’s not likely to spawn a host of imitations.  It is a match he might well have played in – which would make it all the more symbolic of the hazards and contingencies of our common human condition.


  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Wonderful idea, just may need to push the game back a few days after the funeral for the sake of the players.

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