Melbourne Stars’ secret super squad

‘Eddie McGuire and new captain Shane Warne are persisting with their plan to use Usain Bolt in the Big Bash League this season, although whether he actually plays for Melbourne Stars remains to be seen…

“We don’t in any circumstance want to devalue the competition from a marketing point of view, or just as ‘promo’ or PR. That won’t come into it,” said Warne.’ – The Age, 22 August 2012.

A Melbourne Stars insider has revealed to The Footy Almanac the T20 franchise’s full wish list for this coming season:

Ruth, Babe

Woods, Tiger

Messi, Lionel

Evans, Cadel

Armstrong, Lance

Armstrong, Neil

Williams, Venus

Williams, Serena

Williams, Robin

Sharapova, Maria

Federer, Roger

Cash, Pat

Pearson, Sally

Lap, Phar

Caviar, Black

Johnson, Magic

Hunt, Karmichael

Folau, Israel

Foreman, George (club catering)

Pietersen, Kevin (social media and risk management consultant)

Cloke, Travis – pending negotiations

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  1. Chris Weaver says

    I don’t think I’m alone as a cricket fan in poo-pooing Twenty20 cricket. Most limited overs cricket leaves me pretty unmoved.

    But if you’re going to have a razzle-dazzle, look-at-me Twenty20 comp…then do it properly.

    I won’t be drawn through the gate to watch cheque-chasing mediocrities like Jade Dernbach. But the chance to see Shane Warne ply his trade, or something really unique and different like Usain Bolt as an outfielder? Yes, please.

    If you’re going to run a circus, then make it the Moscow Circus.

  2. Look i have to be honest, i love this piece bc i can see the name ‘Roger Federer.’

  3. Dave Nadel says

    Vin, I can see how Eddie and Shane could play Phar Lap by dragging the stuffed horse out of the museum but how do you envisage them playing the Bambino who died in 1948?

  4. I think the biggest get for the Stars would be Lawry, William Morris. But could he choose between 2 Victorian teams?

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