Megan Gale vs Jennifer Hawkins


Do you like rap or rock ‘n’ roll?

Silver troughs or toilet bowls?

The Great Outdoors or Getaway?

Eminem or Dr Dre?

Sidney Myer or David Jones?

The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

Rugby League or Aussie Rules?

Corporate clowns or Holy Fools?

Fat cigars or cigarettes?

Busty blondes or slim brunettes?

Jesus Christ or Richard Dawkins?

Megan Gale or Jenny Hawkins?




About Damian Balassone

Damian Balassone is a delusional Collingwood supporter who writes poetry and fiction.


  1. Peter_B says:

    I’ll take the gas.
    Dunno the first guy, but I quite liked Daydream Believer.
    More gas
    1 – so long as I don’t have to light it, but I can drink the cognac.
    123 – busty slim blondes. The Avenging Eagle reads this stuff you know.
    1 – but he needs to have a word to his PR people.
    Benny’s mum or Tom’s mum? Tough choice – send pictures. I hear Tom’s mum is the better cook.

  2. Barry Stergo says:

    Megan, Aussie Rules, Beatles and JC for me. Much more generous of spirit.

  3. Lord Bogan says:

    Slim cigarettes and busty brunettes for me.

  4. Peter Flynn says:


  5. Jeff Dowsing says:

    I’m with you Phil & Peter. I’d take Kate, Fischer of Men (with apologies to TISM, who could have written this nifty little verse)

  6. Mulcaster says:

    A montechristo #3 and (in my mind) a concupicent loopy chick studing English literature (but in reality….any girl who showed the slightest interest)

  7. DBalassone says:

    Fair point Phil. I considered “slim blondes and busty brunettes” but it didn’t fit into the iambic tetrameter.

  8. Lord Bogan says:

    Damn that iambic tetrameter! You’d be pleased to know that I was thinking of Monica Belucci, especially in ‘The Matrix’ = Smokin

  9. DBalassone says:

    Ah yes, the Mary Magdalene of every mans dreams.

  10. Jeff Dowsing says:

    Monica Belluci cThe Matrix v Cameron Diaz cThe Mask

  11. Peter_B says:

    I didn’t think MM was that much of a looker.
    More her line of work.

  12. DBalassone says:

    I was thinking about Monica’s portrayal of Mary Magdalene in Passion of the Christ. Though Mel Gibson did the casting, so you’re probably correct.

  13. Peter_B says:

    Sorry DB. I didn’t get the cultural reference. I got all my New Testament from Cecil B DeMille.

  14. Peter_B says:

    Sorry DB. I didn’t get the cultural reference. I got all my New Testament from Cecil B DeMille’s King of Kings.
    “We see Mary Magdalene here portrayed as a wild courtesan, entertain many men around her. Upon learning that Judas is with a carpenter she rides out on her chariot drawn by zebras to get him back.”
    My kind of gal. Monica never stood a chance.
    Ayn Rand was an extra and met her husband on the set (true story). I have spoken to Gina. It will be a required text in our ReEducation camps. I am scouring the site for subversives. You know who you are.

  15. DBalassone says:

    Zebras in the Middle East? You must be talking the 1927 version. I prefer the 1961 version, and better still The Greatest Story Ever Told. Also have a soft spot for Cecil B DeMille’s Delilah – another black-haired beauty.

  16. Phil Dimitriadis says:

    From Megan Gale to Mary Magdalene and then on to Cecil B. DeMille…Only on the Footy Almanac :)

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