MCG Test, Australia v India – Day One: Scores from Snowy Sapporo

Around the first ball at 8.30 am here in Sapporo (10.30 am Melbourne Time), I tuned in 1116 SEN to get updates of the match, but sadly my frustration came up and it was like Mick Malthouse’s one at the SCG at Round 17 this year. Stupid wifi reception that did not cover whole subway station interrupted listening to radio and made me grumpy.

Then I learned the score about 30 minutes later, but I cannot remember what it was now.

Just over 9.40 am, I went to a live cricket score site and it says 1/39 followed by 1/44 around ten minutes later.

I was at an employment program place today and we started creating round rice cakes for today’s big lunches. Opposed to writing in English, this kind of task was not what my skills could contribute to well. Indeed thinking about the cricket match was stuck in my brain.

Around 11.00 am, I had a chance to check the score that was 1/74 *.

Back to the kitchen, I was only able to think how much I had interests in Australian sports and stuffs. I felt like having a big satellite dish collecting cricket scores.

Around 1.30 pm, cooking was finished and I checked the score that was 1/172 *  (wishful thinking Yoshi – 3/172 – Ed.)

Foods were delicious and talking to others started well. But then as it always happens with Japanese people, I found myself being much different to them. When I felt being disorientated in the room, I checked the score was 5/216 *.

The big lunch was finished at 3.30 pm and the score was 5/252. 20 minutes later, I got a computer to work with the report and found the final score was 5/259.

Then I watched the highlight and the media reports that it was a slow start for Australia. Skipper Steve Smith’s batting was great and passed 1000 test runs. Well done, the young captain!

Joe Burns made a debut with 13 stumps.

It is hard for me to write from a few-minute match highlight. I wish I could write more about the match.

What I learned today were a) I should have recorded scores and times on my phone for accuracy, b) it is much better to listen to the radio to highlight more about the game, and c) I have much better skills in writing in English than tasks where motor skills are needed.

I apologise that scores with * might not be accurate as I thought that I would remember when typed sentences, but memories seemed to be gone once I left the nervous mode with talking to people whose interests were different to my ones.

Then I can excuse to relocate myself to Melbourne to write better and more accurate Footy Almanac articles, as well as getting back better identities.

That is all from non-cricket and non-western city Sapporo reported by a westernised Japanese bloke who feels more Kiwi than Japanese.

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  1. Good one Yoshi. Don’t beat yourself up about not following the cricket too closely. I had the TV on in the background all day with the sound turned down.
    Merri Soul Sessions debuted at the Jolimont end at 7.30am Perth time. More successful than Joe Burns. First Aid Kit from Snowy Sweden came on at the Punt Road end and we were away for the day.
    Annie Lennox, Roseanne Cash, Bruce, Bob and the ‘Begin Again’ soundtrack all outshone Tubby, Slats, Drew and Bryce on a top day for music and a slow day for cricket.

  2. G’day Peter,

    It’s a bit late but Merry Christmas to you :)

    And thanks for your comment and advice. My friend also says that she turns on TV cricket live coverage at background and sees replay when it sounds highlight of the game.

    I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the music yesterday. Enjoying a day is good.



  3. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi Yoshi and Peter,

    try getting the Tune In App and listen to ABC Grandstand on your phone or computer. I’m not sure if that is possible over there, but listening to Grandstand is the way to go, on computer or phone. I found out today, when I finally watched in the afternoon session, that the digital radio and the digital TV are syncrinized, so I had the TV on mute and listened to the intelligent commentary. Yeah. Well done.

    Keep your spirits up Yoshi. You are here in spirit and the body will come someday too.


  4. Hi Yvette,

    Thanks for your comment, advice and warm words :)

    Yesterday morning, I had listened to ABC Grandstand first but seemed not to do cricket live coverage (that I have seemed to be wrong) and then switched to SEN.

    You did very well dealing with unexpected technical issues. I bet you enjoyed today’s cricket match.

    I was unexpectedly a bit tired so didn’t follow cricket much. But I will do tomorrow with ABC Grandstand.

    Meanwhile I will do the best to achieve my big life goals although I will need to take diversion rather than passing the straight line.

    Have a good weekend and enjoy the cricket :)


    P.S. I appreciate the editor for correcting the score.

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