MCG Test, Australia v India – Day Four: Watching Highlight Videos

Same as on Sunday (day three), I am a slow starter. I am sure Sapporo’s freezing winter does not heat up my body. Even I am not 100 per-cent energetic after having hot coffee and shower.

As always, I start checking the score by accessing showing Australia 530 & 0-47 and India 465. It’s 9:35am in Sapporo (11:35am in Melbourne [EDST]) and I am travelling by subway.

After having latte, replying to Yvette’s comment on my previous cricket report and emailing my Australian mate at Starbucks, I watch the first session highlight video on

Mitchell Johnson bowled well getting two wickets quick at 8-462 and 9-465. India’s inning only lasts another 15 balls on the day four.

Australia’s Warner hit a ball with wide swing and at another batting, a ball roll into the boundary and gets four runs. It is a great play to see. Also Chris Rogers gets compliment from commentators.

Meanwhile I keep up with scores on 1116SEN and the site including the New Zealand v Sri Lanka Test cricket playing in Christchurch.

SEN informs us that the MCG match was interrupted due to rain.

In the afternoon, I watch two videos of Rogers. After the lunch break, two Indian fielders tried to catch a ball hit by Rogers but dropped him. He is saved.

At 3-139, Rogers bats and the ball seems to be caught by MS Dhoni. But with ruling by umpires that the ball was dropped on the ground before being caught, Rogers survives again.

Around two hours later, I watch the session highlight. I see Indian fielders slipping on the ground and a ball rolling to the boundary. It must be usual in cricket games.

Sadly Shane Watson is caught at 1-98.

Shaun Marsh hit a ball well and the ball is rolling with back cut. His batting is awesome with good technique hitting balls in different angles (adjusting his position depending on how a ball is bounced). Marsh’s super shot to the stand is brilliant!

But unfortunately Rogers gets out.

That is my report with limited source and knowledge. I am afraid that I may not be able to report tomorrow because I am having a blood donation at 3:30 pm Sapporo Time.

In any case it is the last post for 2014, thank you for everything this year. You guys are wonderful.

Happy New Year!

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