Match Fixing Policy

There is currently discussion relating to Federal Sport Minister, Mark Arbib’s commitment to a National Match Fixing Policy.


Of course this is not a matter of concern to the movers and shakers in AFL, as there is definitely no match fixing issue in relation to football, and by the way match fixing is spelt differently to ‘tanking’.


The issue of gambling and Australian Rules has again popped it’s head up with a recent interview with Darren Creswell.


I am not sure if Minister Arbib’s policy will underpin legislation, but if it does there will surely be a few ghostly shivers in the spines more than one or two coaches of the past decade or so.


I am sure that a statement from a representative of the peak body that “it does not happen in our sport” will stand up in a court of law.


Hopefully this will be a long over due reform that will be the catalyst to clean up our game.


  1. A broad investigation into tanking by the AFL. I’d like to see that.

    Who played well in the replay of the 2010 GF? What draft were they picked up in?

    Could we be seeing another controversial retrospective Melbourne grand final ‘storm’.

  2. pamela sherpa says

    Does that mean fixturing of the fixture will be fixed ?

  3. Pamela,

    dunno the facts about the fixture being fixed. I’ll fax you if I find out.

  4. Ben Footner says

    As I’ve seen suggested on many forums, make the bottom the first 6 draft picks a lottery like they do in the NBA. Bottom 6 teams pull a number out of a hat and there’s no reason that 18th on the ladder is better than 12th. Problem solved.

  5. That’s one solution, Ben.

    The AFL makes me chuckle.

    Although they argue till there is no match fixing they get rid of the priority draft.

    Although they say there is nothing wrong with X and Y rules they change them from year to year or even week to week.

    Although they argue that the MRP have never stuffed up there seems to be a different interpretation on something like a head high smash the next week after there is a public outcry.

    I suppose that is as much of an admission of guilt and an apology that you can expect from a dictator.

    We can thank our lucky stars we live in a democracy.

  6. I would suggest that Andrew Demetriou may be feeling a little like another infamous Greek legend, Icarus, at the moment. The wax on his golden wings is about to melt.

    His obstenance regarding match fixing is about to bring him plummetting to the ground.

    “The King is dead; long live the King”.

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