Martin Flanagan reviews Footy Town (published in the Age)

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  1. Richard says

    DID Flanners contact Daff or Darky ??

    Rocket Rod and I are convinced Daff did those ABC radio country grand finals wrap not with Darky H. — but with a Coodabeen!!

    ‘Covey’ Cover to be exact. Otherwise old Flanners has given Footy Town a sold boost.

  2. Richard, Daff and I initiated the whole thing on the ABC,with Susie Robinson, and did it a couple times a year for a few years.

    I’m not sure why I was shoved out – but Daff and Covey ended up doing it. NOt sure what is happening this year.

    Martin Flanagan’s ears were not tricking him.


  3. Dr Rocket says

    You were too good looking for radio Darky!

    Covey lacked breadth and depth of knowledge about country footy. Just kept coming out with where Geelong players had come from… quite tedious.

    Where as Daff had intimate knowledge of the clubs and people in country footy. It was a cracking show the year the minnows Stony Creek slayed the Wonthaggi dragon! Listened via the Internet in Abu Dhabi with Stony club prez’s neighbour from Leongatha!

    Believed Gerard Whatley pulled the country GF coverage to focus on so-called national sporting events and issues… NFI!

  4. Richard Jones says

    THANKS, John.
    Daff explained u and he did the round- up for 2 years, maybe? Perhaps 3.

    Whatever the length I must have missed those years. Perhaps taking notes at, or broadcasting, a regional prelim. final or similar.

    But I do recall fondly the JTH segments with Lindy Burns on 774 ABC radio. On a weekday afternoon.

    If Dr. Rocket is correct fancy Gezza W. pulling the pin — or at least convincing ABC Statewide radio honchos to do it — on the regional and country finals wrap show!!

  5. I loved those shows.

    They kind of brought the nation together.

    Someone would report from a frosty semi in Tassie followed by someone watching a grand final in 38 degrees in Alice.

    And then there was the day JTH was leaning against the point post watching the reserves at “Sir Von Tay” during a trip to the west. No-one in WA knew where the hell he was. Turned out it was Cervantes (Sir Vannies) hometown of Brent and Mark LeCras.

  6. Les

    Don’t forget the ‘s’ Sir-Von Tays


    PS We were en route to The Pinnacles that day – possibly the most hyped natural attraction I’ve visited.

  7. Brilliant review – and utterly deserved. Working my way through the book now and loving every page.

    If you’re listening/reading Gerard W, we WANT those country coverage arvos when the big league goes off galavanting with other times and days of the week.

  8. Four years on and again this review almost brought a tear to my glass eye…

  9. Love this book, love the review. My first published piece. Occasionally I find a copy in a book shop and open it up just to make sure I am a published writer. It’s been in every copy so far! Page 282 if I remember correctly! Some wonderful stories and hilarious anecdotes by all the writers.

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