Martin Flanagan on Matt Zurbo (from The Age)

Matt Zurbo is the subject of a recent Martin Flanagan piece.


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  1. Cheers John! Flanno was huge for me as a young bloke learning the game. The thought that a bloke could cover it and write at the same time. Really write. Very humbling.

  2. Great stuff really good read congrats old dog

  3. LIKE Rulebook I also enjoyed the Flanners’ yarn. (Daff, Rocket Rod Gillett and I always refer to Martin F. as Flanners]
    Matt was kind enough to point me in the direction of some classic east coast Tassie footy grounds when we did a 3-week driving tour in October 2013. Which we’ll reprise in February coming up, but the west coast and the middle more this time.
    Those grounds: St Mary’s, ringed by a grass trots track; Fingal with poplar trees right around the ground and pick of them all Ringarooma, with its dinky little grandstand (now sadly unused) and stunning pastures in the distance.
    I knew Matt Z. was an ageing footy tragic but at 49 and still keen to play on, more power to him.
    Will spy out his home club Lilydale in the N-E in two months time.

  4. Twas a great read in Saturday’s Age, old dog.

    Good luck for season 2017.

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