Almanac Rugby League – Love to hear your thoughts on (and during) Origin I

What’s on your Queensland mind? Or your New South mind? Or your Mexican mind?


  1. Peter Schumacher says

    Carn the Maroons, it’s like S.A. beating Victoria in AFL except that the banana benders can actually do it and keep on doing it. At least I think that they are banana benders, having seen that post on Facebook I am not quite so sure!

  2. Peter Schumacher says

    The State of Origin by Peter Schumacher

    “Old grizzled men and a couple of ladies at the bar

    Most displaying some ignorance of the game they are about to watch

    Discussion, discourse, conversation, disputation as to what might unfold

    The women sit apart from this involved in their own problems and thoughts

    All interactions helped by free drinks and eats at the bar

    The pies slushed with peas, slushed with sauce of indeterminate state and of origin

    The bar is departed is left empty and quiet as the hordes descend to the theatre

    Some advertising idiot shows a picture of our prime minister in some sort of way

    “Get the Ranga off” most shout I wonder idly if this is a unacceptable slur

    My wife is more certain but then she would think this way.

    The kickoff has happened but it won’t be a good night.

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