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I read with interest how Shane Warne couldn’t work out what had gone wrong with Nathan Lyon in recent times. He said he’d bowled so well in season 2013/14 and yet he’d bowled so poorly against Pakistan. What has happened in between?

Well Shane, even a battling Italian fruiterer can answer that one.

He’s spent six months with a Sri Lankan bent-arm specialist who told him that there’s only two balls, the off spinner and the Doosra.

Well high performance manager, that worked, didn’t it?

How are the special spin friendly wickets made of imported soil going? We’ve proved that none of that works on blokes who were taught wrong as kids. That’s what matters.

As the great Ian Chappell has told everyone, he learned to play spin properly when he was eight and also, as the great Richie Benaud said, if you don’t have a high front arm pointing to fine leg in your delivery stride you’re wasting your time.

Then we had “the little master” challenging the integrity of our imperial Greg. Just check with Malcolm Knox who has all of Greg’s  diaries from his time in India. Apparently he went to Sachin’s place only once and that was just before a tour to the West Indies when Sachin was injured. That was long before the time that Sachin dreamed about. Why would Greg want a bloke who was a loner and wouldn’t train with the team as captain? He could certainly bat but was not a leader.

From what you’ve said about a number of our heroes Sachin I’d stay away during the upcoming tour. If you do decide to come there’ll be a squadron of greengrocers handing out bruised fruit at the MCG.




  1. Brilliant, Lou. Many thanks for your continuing contribution to the Almanac.

    Re Lyon: with all due respect, to him, I have watched him closely for a number of years and now firmly believe that he is nothing more than a good honest toiler. Hypothetical I know, but he’d he been in the Pakistani team, would he have been able to run through our batsmen as the Pakistani spinners did? (Actually, given the way our batsmen played, probably Yes!)
    Re Sachin: my opinion of him changed drastically during the “Monkeygate” saga. I was extremely disappointed and surprised during that fiasco. I will be interested to read his book for his take on things before I comment any further.

  2. Callum O'Connor says

    I always wonder about the severe home ground advantages of international cricket… would be hardest for spinners since their bowling is more subject to conditions than pacemen

  3. You’re being a bit harsh on Sachin, Lou. His “autobiography” has only just come out, so he hasn’t had a chance to read it yet.

  4. Well written Lou. Sachin has been one of the best batsmen I saw in my time, though i’m not surprised or impressed re his recollection of “Monkeygate”‘.as the BCCI controls world cricket, his viewpoint is only to be expected. Sad but true.

    What’s even sadder is how The ACB was so weak over this episode. It shouldn’t surise as the ACB has always been an obedient servant of the major power in world cricket be it the MCC or the BCCI.


  5. Re Sachin, the BCCI and CA:
    “money doesn’t talk it swears” (RZimmerman 1965)

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