Lou: Mentality

Cricket in this country has become a bit of a laughing stock. My customers are certainly having a chuckle about some of the statements being made by people who should know better. I don’t even need to prompt them. They just turn up, know I like cricket, and let fly. Suits me.

I know he’s one of our own but the bloke who named himself the “big show’’ is now in danger of becoming the ‘’no show’’. When he was picked to go to the UAE, our chairman of selectors called him the X FACTOR. He said he doesn’t deserve to be there but he might just do something worthwhile. He didn’t and he still hasn’t and now like Redfoo from the show of the same name he looks like he could go out the back door.

And today, when asked who is covering for Clarke this same chairman came back with a childish statement, “we’re not naming one, whether or not we have one, that’s for us to know and for you to find out….and I’m not telling you’’……..that’s grade four stuff Mr Marsh.

Meanwhile Mark Waugh says that naming the side early is just a marketing ploy. Pat Howard refutes that and says we’ll name a 17 man squad early because it worked so well for us last year. What happens…….they name 12 because Marshy is playing ducks and drakes.

And then we have the debacle in Sydney grade cricket where one team said stuff you we don’t like Michael Clarke.

What is happening?


  1. Callum O'Connor says

    Maxwell will be a T20 player his whole career

  2. To be fair Maxwell is the first of the generation that grew up with 20/20. He was trying to scoop Dirk Nannes in the nets at Fitzroy Doncaster at 16….and people forget he averaged 50 in the shield last year.

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